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Recently I've installed MikTex 2.9 as support for MikTex 2.7 is no more. I feel v 2.7 was much better than v2.9. The major feature of MikTex for auto installation of packages not supported by v 2.9 with all the changes made as suggested on the user group.
May I know how to install Beamer on MikTex 2.9? I tried my level best as per the help on the internet but all in vain. Please help.
I referred following links for help
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Beamer videoNone of the three method I found useful for installing beamer on MikTex 2.9. So far I was using beamer on MikTex 2.7 it was working fine, but now as I have moved to MikTex 2.9 its giving problem. Please help me to sortout this problem.

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