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This opens chrome://settings/' in a new tab!- 4 - Look for 'Appearance' in the left side-bar menu or just scroll down the page for a second. 5 - Now click on launch Reset to Default,next to 'Themes'. You should now see the default Google Chrome theme again. Which is cool, but you're not Google. I made this super short video that shows you how to remove any theme in just 8 seconds. Just head over to the Chrome Web Store and select Themes in the sidebar to browse the numerous options available for the Chrome browser. We like Mac OS theme and Mac OS X Simple Theme for a slick.

Custom browser skins that help you personalize your browser.

As you might know or not; For years I have been trying to accommodate people on bigger monitors too, So ... I have quite a few 4K themes in the web store. Get mac chrome

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Recently I have noticed that all the 4K themes seem to be reporting an error message when I try to install them in the store, which is so weird because I trail and test each one that I publish to see if everything is working properly.
This is a new issue ... I can't really say much more about it, because it's a mystery to me too ... but I can quickly tell you that;
When I load the un-packed theme up it works fine ... but for some reason, it does not do the same when you install it through the web store.


After testing and testing and testing; this is my own conclusion (if I am still allowed to think for myself) ...
Chrome 4K themes are not working when you download them in the web store, even though they pass review, somehow.
Everything up until 1920x1080 px does just fine ... but anything bigger and ChromeHouston we have a problem.

There are many possible solutions

Chrome Theme For Mac I may have to switch to a more 'pattern' style theme design for all you 4K fans, and if you don't like that then you are gonna have to download the source files and upload the theme manually ... which can seem scary if you don't know how, but I promise it's so easy ... so ... future 4k themes will all be 'open source' and publically available to download and alter as you like.
The other option you have is to make use of the cool 'customize' feature Google Chrome has, with it you can customize your browser however you like. No Code, No Fuss, No Drama,. Just pick a cool background and color it up yourself. I am planning to do a tutorial on this, but I am still working on a few other things first, should you want to design your own theme from scratch.
I have added a whole bunch of the coolest backgrounds on chromethemer, you can browse them and see if there is anything you like or maybe something sparks up your inspiration.
We are at a crossroad for now. Much like Tom Hanks at the end of Cast Away.

On the flip side

1920 x 1080 is still considered to be HD ... so I try to create these themes to suit most people and that's how it is.
Chrome theme mac os If you are in doubt, just add any theme you like, see if it fits and if it doesn't click 'undo' and it's like it never happened.
I am going to work on some new 4K designs soon, I don't know how yet, but please bear with me and I'll get it worked out.
In the meantime feel free to check out what I got done so far.