Cubase 3 For Mac Os

  • OS compatible audio hardware. Thunderbolt 2 (Mac), Thunderbolt 3 (Windows) CPU minimum: 64-bit Intel. RAM minimum: 4 GB. Hard disk free space: 15 GB. Display resolution minimum. Cubase Pro 10.5. Cubase Artist 10.5. Cubase Elements 10.5.
  • 8/10 (50 votes) - Download Cubase Mac Free. Cubase is a professional multi-track audio sequencer which offers VST instruments and effects. Record, edit, mix and master music once you download Cubase. Cubase is an audio sequencer developed by Steinberg.
  • LogicKeyboard Cubase and Nuendo - Compatible with Mac Advance Line Keyboard which is Compatible with Mac OS- Part Number LKBU-CBASE-AM89. LogicKeyboard designed keyboard for Steinberg Cubase 9 and Nuendo 8 compatible with macOS - Part: LKBU-CBASE-AM89-US.
  • Many long-time Cubase users were disappointed with the features and stability of version 1.x of Cubase SX (, March 2003), but with versions 2 and 3, Cubase SX has matured. Song creation is.

Updates for Windows 7 and OS X 10.6 Support

145 time-saving Hotkeys for Cubase 10. Extensive, exportable, wiki-style reference lists for Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys.

December 11, 2009

In September, Steinberg outlined its plans to ensure compatibility for its current product range and technologies to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Windows 7, comprising a three-phase development and testing plan. Phase Three now provides updates to the software resolving any issues that may have arisen on the latest operating systems.
The following provides information on the current status of product compatibility and availability of updates:
The Cubase line of products fully supports both Windows 7 and Snow Leopard with the maintenance update release of version 5.1.1 for Cubase 5, Cubase Studio 5, Cubase Essential 5 and Cubase AI 5.
The Cubase LE 4 and Cubase AI 4 versions have been tested and certified for Windows 7, with no further updates required. To ensure compatibility with Snow Leopard, a patch is now available for Cubase LE 4 and Cubase AI 4.
Sequel 2 is certified to be fully Windows 7 compatible, with no further updates required. An update for full compatibility with Snow Leopard is now also available.
Updates for the hardware products CC121, MR816 CSX/X and CI2 now offer support for both Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6. Please note that running Cubase AI 4 together with the new Snow Leopard compatible MR /CC drivers is currently unsupported because it hasn’t undergone significant testing.
VST instruments HALion 3.5, HALion Symphonic Orchestra 1.5, HALion Player 3, The Grand 3 and Groove Agent 3 have been certified as compatible with Windows 7, with no further updates required. HALion 3.5 is already fully compatible with Snow Leopard, but the remaining VST instruments require an update which will be release in Quarter 1 of 2010.

The Steinberg developers are currently working on a Windows 7 compatible update for the WaveLab family of products which will be released in the Quarter 1 of 2010.
For details, please refer to the articles in our Steinberg Knowledge Base.

Snow Leopard
Windows 7


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Cubase 3 for mac os versions
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1. Tools
0Drumstick tool
1Select tool
2Range tool
3Split tool
4Glue tool
5Erase tool
6Zoom tool
7Mute tool
8Draw tool
9Play tool
F10Previous Tool/ Next Tool

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2. Audio
AAdjust Fades to Range
XCrossfade/ X-fade

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3. Automation
Alt+RToggle Read Automation for all tracks on/off
Alt+WToggle Write Automation for all tracks on/off

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4. Chords
Command+Shift+CChord Pads

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Cubase 3 For Mac Os
5. Devices
Alt+F3MixConsole Lower Zone
Alt+KVirtual Keyboard
F4VST Connections
F11VST Instruments (not in Cubase LE)
F12VST Performance

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6. Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy & Paste
Command+X/Command+C/Command+VCut/ copy/ paste item
Command+Shift+X, Cmd+Shift+C, Command+Shift+VCut/ copy/ paste time
Alt+VPaste at Origin
Shift+VPaste Relative to Cursor

▲ up

7. Edit
Alt+AActivate/Deactivate Focused Object
FAuto-Scroll On/Off
Shift+BackspaceDelete Time
Command+Shift+EInsert Silence
ELeft selection side to cursor
DRight selection side to cursor
Command+LMove to Cursor
UUncover/ move to front
Shift+M/Shift+UMute events/ Unmute events
Alt+MMute/Unmute Objects
Command+Shift+Arrow Down/Arrow UpPrimary Parameter: Decrease/ Increase
Command+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow RightSecondary Parameter: Decrease/ Increase
RRecord Enable
Command+A/Command+Shift+ASelect All/ Select none
JSnap On/Off
Alt+XSplit At Cursor
Shift+XSplit Range
Alt+CStationary Cursor

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8. Editor
Command+ROpen Score Editor
EnterOpen/Close Editor

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9. File
Command+WClose (Window)
Command+Shift+SSave As
Command+Alt+SSave New Version

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10. Media category
F5Open MediaBay
Shift+Num+/Preview Cycle On/Off
Shift+EnterPreview Start
Shift+Num 0Preview Stop
Shift+F5Search MediaBay
Command+Alt+5 on numeric keypadToggle Filters
Command+Alt+4 on numeric keypadToggle Location Tree
Command+Alt+8 on numeric keypadToggle Locations
Command+Alt+2 on numeric keypadToggle Previewer

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11. MIDI
Alt+LShow/Hide Controller Lanes

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12. Navigate
Arrow KeysSelect next in the Project Window
Shift+Arrow Keys in Project WindowExpand selection in Project Window
Shift+Arrow Up/Arrow DownMove selected event in the Key Editor one octave up/ down one octave
Arrow Left/ Arrow Right in Key EditorMove selected event in the Key Editor one semitone down/ one semitone up
Command+SpaceToggle Selection
Home in track listSelect top track in the track list

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13. Nudge category
Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow RightStart Left/ Start Right
Alt+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow RightEnd Left/ End Right
Command+Arrow Left/Arrow RightNudge Left/ Right

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14. Project
Command+MOpen Markers
Command+POpen Pool
Command+TOpen Tempo Track
Shift+DeleteRemove Selected Tracks

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15. Quantize

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16. Set Insert Length category
Alt+1..8Set insert length 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128
Alt+.Toggle Dotted
Alt+,Toggle Triplet

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Cubase 3 For Mac Osx

17. Transport category
0 on numeric keypadStop
+ on numeric keypadForward/ Rewind
Shift++/- on numeric keypadFast Forward/ Rewind
Alt+SpacePlay Selection Range
* on numeric keypadRecord
. on numeric keypadGo to Project Start
1 on numeric keypadGo to Left Locator
2 on numeric keypadGo to Right Locator
Command+1 on numeric keypadSet Left Locator to Project Cursor Position
Command+2 on numeric keypadSet Right Locator to Project Cursor Position
Locators and Markers
PSet Locators to Selection Range
Command+19Set Cycle Marker 19
Shift+19Go To Cycle Marker 19
N/BLocate Next Event / Previous Event
Alt+N/Alt+BLocate Next Hitpoint / Previous Hitpoint
Shift+N/Shift+BLocate Next Marker / Previous Marker
LLocate Selection Start
InsertInsert Marker (Windows only)
I/OActivate Punch In/ Punch Out
/ on numeric keypadCycle
Shift+L/REnter Left Locator/ Right Locator
Shift+PEnter Project Cursor Position
Shift+TEnter Tempo
Shift+CEnter Time Signature
.Exchange Time Formats
Alt+PLoop Selection
Command+-/+ on numeric keypadNudge Cursor Left/ Right
F2Panel (Transport panel)
Shift+19 on numeric keypadRecall Cycle Marker 1...9
Shift+* on numeric keypadRetrospective MIDI Record
Alt+Shift+TUse External Synchronization
CUse Metronome Clicks
TUse Tempo Track

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18. Window Zones
Command+Alt+LShow/Hide Left Zone
Command+Alt+RShow/Hide Right Zone
Command+Alt+EShow/Hide Lower Zone
Command+Alt+TShow/Hide Transport Zone
Command+Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow RightShow Previous Tab/ Next Tab
Command+Alt+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow RightShow Previous Page/ Next Page
Command+-IShow/Hide Info Line

Cubase 3 For Mac Os High Sierra

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19. Windows category
Shift+F4Inline: Key Commands
Shift+F3Inline: Settings
Shift+F2Inline: View Layout

Cubase 3 For Mac Os Versions

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20. Zoom
HZoom In / Out
Shift+FZoom Full
Command+Arrow Down/Arrow UpZoom Tracks In / Out
Shift+HZoom Vertically In / Out
Shift+EZoom to Event
Alt+SZoom to Selection
Command+Alt+Arrow DownZoom Tracks Exclusive

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