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I have a collection of x264/MKV, some discs have both DTS and AC3 audio track. I understand DTS is supposed to be better, but since my Samsung smart TV doesn’t let DTS pass through so I would like to convert it to AC3. Is there any suggestion to re-encode DTS to AC3 and is that conversion going to cause more harm than good to the audio quality?

  1. This article introduces a powerful DTS converter to help convert DTS to AC3 5.1,MP3,WAV 24bit,AAC on Mac or Windows as well as convert video MKV, M2TS with DTS surround to MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV with audio AC3, MP3, WAV or AAC. Part 1: Best DTS Converter for Mac or Windows.
  2. Guide on Converting DTS to AC3. Easily convert DTS to AC3 following the steps below. Make Preparation: Free download DTS to AC3 Converter. Free download the professional DTS to AC3 Converter - Avdshare Video Converter (for Windows, for Mac), install and then launch it, the following interface will pop up.Step 1 Import DTS file.

You’re correct, DTS is supposedly better than AC3 since it has a higher bitrate than AC3 does. But many DVD players cannot decode DTS at all though it perceives a higher quality. For greatest compatibility with players and devices, you have to use AC3 as it is a codec that all DVD players sold in the world must be capable of decoding and playing within the player itself. You mentioned the quality. I’d say DTS and AC3 are lossy both.

With this professional DTS to AC3 converter, you can convert DTS to AC3 just with a few simple steps as shown above. If you are Mac user, it also has a Mac counterpart for you to convert DTS to AC3 on Mac. Nonetheless, you could also make use of the convenient audio converters online to convert DTS to AC3 on any platforms.

Here is our ultimate guide to converting DTS to AC3 on multiple platforms.

Awful Apps that can convert DTS to AC3


Handbrake (Free)

Suitable for: converting files to MKV or MP4 format on multi-platforms, doesn’t work with mobile OS.

Drawback(s): Output formats are very limited.

Handbrake is one of the most commonly used converters people will consider using when it comes to file recompression/conversion. It is free and open-source running on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu platforms from its official and many other systems from other sources. Most people will find solutions within Handbrake if he or she is in search of approaches to encoding their files. Recoding DTS to AC3 in Handbrake is quite easy to acquire.

When you click on “Source”, the “Source Selection” will show you two options: choose a single video file or a folder with one or more files, which is a very considerate and user-friendly setting. After the file is fully loaded, go to “Output Settings”, keep “MKV” to encode the video. Under “Audio” tab > “Codec”, select “AC3” from the listing. Go back to “Destination” section, hit “Browse” and give a name in the pop-up window for the output file. Finally, press “Start”. Handbrake will begin to convert the file.


Video Converter Studio (Paid with trial version)

Suitable for: Converting files locally on Windows platform only, doesn’t work with non-Windows operating systems.

Drawback(s): Charge money if you want to fully use its all functions.

As the name might suggest, Video Converter Studio is a program able to convert audio/video files in a super-fast and easy way. When it works as a DTS to AC3 converter, it lets users quickly change the audio codec, keeping your video data untouched. It’s also possible to change audio to more commonly-used MP3 and AAC beside AC3. Look at the procedure followed by to know how we can convert MKV files with DTS audio to a stream with AC3 audio. Before you proceed to below steps, you have to download and install it to your computer firstly.

  • Drag and drop the MKV files into the software or you can click “Add files” button on the interface to add files.
  • When files are fully loaded into the panel, forward to “Profile” > “Video” > “MKV” > “Same as source” for exporting the file.
  • Go to “Preset editor” window by a hit on “Settings” and in the “Audio” section drop down audio codec to choose “AC3” for encoding the audio.
  • Press “Convert” and you just need to await the new file to be created.

I should say this software is far more than a DTS to AC3 transcoder. You can also use its other integrated functions: video editor, screen recorder, video downloader and MV creator.

About DTS

Dts to ac3 conversion mac

Before we discuss the DTS file format, we need to look further into 5.1 channels. 5.1 is the most common format for surround sound in home theater system. It includes six channels: usually 5 full bandwidth channels and one low-frequency effects subwoofer channel. With these channels, sound can be placed very precisely with improved clarity, imaging, spaciousness and realism. DTS uses 5.1 channels to build surround sound effect. But it produces sound slightly more accurate since it uses a higher bitrate and less compression method.

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If you are a first-time user of Kodi, or if you are looking for a guide to make the passthrough AC3/DTS audio quality of your movies and streams better, or solve Kodi sound problems, then you've come to the right place.

I just updated my rpi2 to latest kodi 15.1 and kernel 4.1.5-1.
It seems that audio passthrough for AC3 and DTS does not work any more.
Also, if I disable AC3 and DTS, kodi does not decode all audio channels. I can hear the music of the movies, but not the voices (like the center channel is not decoded).
Rolling it back everything works as expected.(from OSMC forums).

Dts To Ac3 Conversion Mac

Enable passthrough on Audio output setting

The fact that your movies have two tracks audio -- music of the movies and the voice of movies. Music of the movies are decode correctly by Kodi, but the voice of movies not.

Now go to Settings/System/Audio output set the audio output to 2.0 (setting to 5.1 causes lag on sd streams) and enable Enable passthrough and then Dolby digital (AC3) capable Receiver and then Enable Dolby Digital transcoding and then DTS capable Receiver.

Hi people, wondering if anybody can help,I am new to Kodi and when using my laptop connect to the tv, open the video on Kodi (installed on my TV) via USB 2.0, I can hear nothing, I changed audio input to hdmi and still nothing, at bottom passout device shows as error no device found. Is there any other setting or test I can do to get this normal working?

Transcode audio type to the one that Kodi enable encode

To understand how Kodi processes audio you must first have a basic understanding of how audio in the digital domain works.

When analog audio is converted into the digital domain the near universal format used is Pulse Code Modulation (PCM). All manipulation of audio in the digital domain is always done on audio in the PCM format, therefore functions in Kodi such as volume control can only be done on PCM data, therefore if audio is in one of the Encoded Formats Kodi must decode the audio to PCM in order to manipulate it for volume control.

Dts to ac3 for macbook pro

In other word, when enable Dolby digital (AC3) capable Receiver, Kodi will automatically attempt to direct play AC3 audio if the audio in PCM format, but if the video/container are not compatible then you will get no audio at all.

Dts To Ac3 For Mac

To solve no sound with Kodi issues, you can go to Settings/System/Audio output settings as a reference method. If the encoded formats of your video file is just the one that Kodi can not decode, you have two choice: one, transcode the video/container to the Kodi enable decode one, second, give up.

If you choose the first: transcoding, please read on

From Kodi Supported File Formats, we know that ontainer formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG, FLV... Video formats like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H.263, MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), H.265 (as from Kodi 14) HuffYUV... And audio format like AAC, DTS, AC3 (enable) are supported well. Here we suggest you trancode the video/container into MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG, FLV with AAC, AC3(you should enable Dolby digital (AC3) capable Receiver in Settings/System/Audio output). Pavtube Video Converter - It is undoubtedly the best video converter of all times - are high recommend for you. It features a simple yet sleek interface and performs files conversion with fast speed enables you to complete change any video/container to Kodi (XBMC) compatible format with least quality loss in just a few clicks at your fingertips. Then you can easily opening, playing, uploading without any hassle. No worry about any audio/video sync problem.

Besides that, you can also convert MOV, MKV, 3D Blu-ray ISO files, DVD Video_TS, Tivo recording files for smoothly playback on Kodi, and stream video from Kodi/XBMC to Chromecast without any issue.

The Mac version is Pavtube Video Converter for Mac. Now, Free download it and the following passage shows a best way to convert MKV to play on Kodi (XBMC).

Step-by-step guide to transcode any video/container for Kodi?

Step 1: Import source files.

Launch the application on your computer, click 'File' > 'Load Video/Audio' or 'Load from Folder' to import source files to the program.

Step 2: Choose proper format for Kodi.

Click 'Format' bar, from its drop-down option, select to output Kodi best playable video formats by following 'HD Video' > 'H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)'.

Dts To Ac3 For Mac Os

Step 3: Customize to output Kodi playable audio codec.

Click 'Settings' to open 'Profile' settings window, in 'Audio' section, click 'Codec' drop-down list, select Kodi playable AAC codec to output.

Step 4: Start the conversion.

Dts To Ac3 For Macbook Pro

Go back to the main UI and click 'Convert'button to start Kodi supported H.264 file with AAC audio codec conversion process.

Dts To Ac3 For Mac Catalina

Then you can transfer the converted files to Kodi without any audio/video sync problem.

Dts To Ac3 For Mac Download

If you are a newer or not familiar with importing step, have a reference at this article: How to setup Kodi to add video files?