Font Managers For Mac


Welcome to RightFont, a lightweight and fast font organizer for your Mac. It helps you preview, sync, and organize fonts stored in any location directly within this font manager.

Manage fonts with a single click

Activate or deactivate fonts stored in any folder with a click. Easy font manager with zero learning curve.

Automatic font activation in any workflow

Automatically activate fonts for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, as well as Sketch.

FontSuit is the simplest tool for Windows to manage the collection of fonts.

  • Welcome to FontAgent, the World’s Smartest Font Manager.™ Built atop the planet’s most robust viewing, searching, activation and metadata engines, the latest FontAgent for Mac adds macOS Catalina and Mojave support, Dark Mode, sharable tags, nested sets, faster font rendering and activation, smarter searching and set management, Monotype and Adobe subscription font support, auto.
  • Font Manager by Alexander G. Styopkin is a free piece of software that will help you view, organize, install and manage your font collection. Even though there is no information about the development of Font Manager for Mac, you can use other tools to manage fonts on Mac. The following list contains several alternatives to Font Manager for Mac.
Font manager for mac os

Sync fonts with your whole team

With Font Library, you can sync fonts through any cloud service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Free Google Fonts on your Mac

Use all free fonts from the Google Font library in a single click! As if it were local.

Font Managers For Mac

Icon fonts at your fingertips

Thousands of beautiful icons available for free in this font manager, that can be inserted in design tools.

Filter panel to search fonts instantly

Search and filter fonts based on classification (sans serif, serif, or script), width or weight.

Font Management Software For Windows

One-click dropdown menu for fonts

Font Managers For Mac

Apply typeface to text layer in almost every design software! As if it were dropdown menu for fonts.

Lightweight and lightning fast

Now 2x faster than last version. You will be impressed by this font manager!


Exclusively designed for macOS

Best Font Manager For Mac

Fully optimized for macOS Catalina, with the support for dark theme, Touchbar, color SVG fonts and more.