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Flight Simulator Online is a realistic airplane flying game where you can check your pilot skills. Start the engine and fly away from stress with this awesome flight simulator. Try to take off and control a flying airplane without crashing. Landings may be the most challenging part of this beautiful job, so practice and become an experienced pilot to enjoy each and every journey upon the great. FlightGear Flight Simulator 2020 X Flight Sim Plane & Helicopter Including 500+ Aircraft DVD CD Disc For Microsoft Windows 10 8 7 Vista PC & Mac OS X ESRB Rating: Everyone.

Listed in this category are a selection of flight simulator packages and games that are free-to-download. Most of them are compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS (or OS X). Some are demos of fuller simulation packages, such as the Microsoft Flight Simulator X Demo or X-Plane, while others offer the entire package because they are open source such as FlightGear.

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All of the files here are free to download – no registration or subscription is required, however, some of the installation files are quite large so you may benefit from registering for a PRO account (which offers uncapped download speed). Plus, you'll have full speed access to download any of the files in the library such as any aircraft, scenery and tools you may wish to install.

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Support for Multiple Operating Systems

The packages here offer support for Windows, Linux and Mac. Microsoft Flight Simulator X runs on Windows only while X-Plane and FlightGear run on all operating systems (Windows/Linux/Mac).

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Microsoft have really outdone themselves on their latest Flight Simulator edition. With an incredible gameplay, truthful mechanics and graphics from beyond the world of video games – they have touched the heart of every gamer.

Game Flight Simulator For MacGame Flight Simulator For Mac

The 2020 flying simulation is one of the most realistic experience that you can have at your home, no matter if you access it through a high-end gaming PC or your console. The quality is rarely this good and that is why everyone wants to play the game, including the Apple users. But, can you play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on a Mac?

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Is Flight Simulator 2020 Available For Mac

Game Flight Simulator For Mac

Microsoft have been publishing fan favorite flying programs for years in the past. They’ve all been highly successful, even though every single edition has been exclusive for PC only.

What has changed this time around is that, besides PC, Flight Simulator 2020 is also available for Xbox and Xbox Series X. The news that the game would be on multiple platforms have given hope to the Mac gamers, but…

Flight Simulator 2020 is not available for playing on Mac and we have no info that it will ever be. Fans have been arguing, asking questions and pleading for a Mac version, but the answers aren’t promising.

Flight Simulator Game For Mac

Being a Microsoft’s title, it’s not that surpassing, but it’s a real pity when considering the game’s quality. But if you do not own a Windows PC or an Xbox and do not have the money to invest in one right now, we might have a solution for you!

How To Play Flight Simulator 2020 On Mac

Here’s what you can do – you can install Microsoft Windows on your Apple computer and have two operative systems at once. That way you can download the game and enjoy it as well.

The process is done through the Boot Camp Assistant found in Utilities and should be present on all newer versions of Mac. Just make sure to leave a lot of memory for Windows, because the game is pretty hefty.

Game Flight Simulator For Macbook

And if you’ve never heard of the process, here is a video guide to help you out: