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This is not the first post in which we are listing out few great free tools for Mac Operating System, this is an exclusive post for our those readers who are the Mac users. But our other readers will also enjoy this post. Don’t forget to bookmark this post for your future reference as it has few most useful and free application that will be helpful for you when you are on your Mac system. This is absolutely a great list of 5 Free Photo Viewers For Your Mac OS X You Should Bookmark.

Xee is an streamlined and convenient image viewer and browser. It is similar to Mac OS X's, but lets you easily browse the entire contents of folders and archives, move and copy image. Phiewer is the easiest and fastest way to view your images, videos and even audio files. It is folder based so you can just browse your media in one window. IrfanView for Mac - the best Alternative. Sep 24, 2020; 430; 0; Many Mac users search in vain for the appropriate Version of Windows the popular image viewer IrfanView. In this practical tip we will show you the best Alternatives with which they are minor edits to your images can make. Best 6 GIF Viewer for Windows 10/8/7. In this part, we list 6 reputable GIF viewers for you.

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Xee is a lightweight, fast and convenient image viewer and browser. It is designed to be a serious tool for image viewing and management, with a sleek and powerful interface. It is very fast, and uses less memory than most other image viewing tools. It also uses OpenGL to display and scroll images much more smoothly than other viewers. Its interface is highly streamlined and has easily configurable keyboard shortcuts.

Seashore is an open source image editor for Mac OS X’s Cocoa framework. It features gradients, textures and anti-aliasing for both text and brush strokes. It supports multiple layers and alpha channel editing. It is based around the GIMP’s technology and uses the same native file format.

Picasa is a free digital photo organizer and editor. Picasa is excellent for beginners and casual digital shooters who want to find all their pictures, it will simply help you to manage your photos in one place, and find photos you forgot you had. You can even eliminate scratches & blemishes, fix red-eye, crop and more with Picasa.

CocoViewX is an freeware Imagebrowser & Viewer for Mac OS X. It is capable of viewing and manipulating the common image file formats as BMP, TIFF, TARGA, GIF (animated), PNG, JPG, PICT, PDF, EPS, ICNS, JP2 etc. You can sort images by name, date, size and kind. Has a fullscreen-view and slideshow included.

BITcom Xsee is a native Mac OS X image browser and viewer, developed in Cocoa, with a beautyfull Aqua interface. Supporting gif, jpeg, tiff, png, icons and more, full drag and drop interface, built-in tools for renaming files, convert images, create thumbnails. Integrated slide show for viewing images in window or full screen, customizable toolbar, full support for mouse or keyboard navigation and much more. It’s freeware and available for Apple Mac OS X only.

  • Fast and compact ( just 5 MB )
  • Freeware for non-commercial use
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
  • 32 and 64 bit version
  • Multi language support
  • Unicode support
  • Designed to be simple but powerful

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Image Viewers For Mac Os X

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