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InSSIDer Office 1.3 for Mac can be downloaded from our website for free. The actual developer of this software for Mac is MetaGeek, LLC. Our built-in antivirus scanned this Mac. InSSIDer is a Wi-Fi network scanner application for Microsoft Windows and OS X developed by MetaGeek, LLC. It has received awards such as a 2008 Infoworld Bossie Award for 'Best of Open Source Software in Networking', 4 but as of inSSIDer 3, it is no longer open-source. The benefits of inSSIDer 5 and why you want the Mac version inSSIDer 5 really steps up the WiFi game by moving from a typical Wi-Fi scanner to the world’s first Wi-Fi packet scanner with RF spectrum analysis! InSSIDer 5 for Mac would provide.

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This Wi-Fi network discovery tool displays every wireless hotspot’s MAC address, encryption, signal strength and channel, and is the standard troubleshooting tool for millions of Wi-Fi users throughout the world.

This is a legacy version of inSSIDer, most importantly it's the last Windows build that didn't require signing up an account to use the program. You can download the latest version here which is also free.

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Measure Wi-Fi Signal Strength

inSSIDer for Home helps you measure the signal strength and estimate the performance of your Wi-Fi in various locations. See how walls, stairways, and doors affect your wireless network coverage.

Pick a Better Channel for Your Wi-Fi

All Wi-Fi must share channels with other networks in the environment. Too many networks sharing or overlapping a channel can slow down the performance of all Wi-Fi networks on that channel. This Wi-Fi scanner helps you see the best channel for your Wi-Fi.

Make Sure Your Wi-Fi is Secure

inSSIDer will help you determine which security setting your Wi-Fi is using, reducing the risk of unauthorized access into your home network.

Inssider for mac

Technical Details:

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Inssider For Mac
  • Uses your current wireless card and connection software
  • Works with Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, and 8 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Track the strength of received signals in dBm over time
  • Sort by MAC address, SSID, Channel, RSSI, and Time

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Developer(s)MetaGeek, LLC
Stable release
(inSSIDer 5 for Windows) / October 2, 2019; 12 months ago
Written inC
Operating system5.0 MicrosoftWindows 7 or higher, OS XSnow Leopard or higher (via Mac App Store)2.1 MicrosoftWindows XP
Platform.NET Framework
Size5.5 MB(.msi)
Available inEnglish (US)
TypeWiFi network analyzer
License4.x: Shareware [1]

3.x: Proprietary

2.x: Apache License[2]

inSSIDer is a Wi-Fi network scanner application for Microsoft Windows and OS X developed by MetaGeek, LLC.[3] It has received awards such as a 2008 Infoworld Bossie Award for 'Best of Open Source Software in Networking',[4] but as of inSSIDer 3, it is no longer open-source.


inSSIDer began as a replacement for NetStumbler, a popular Windows Wi-Fi scanner, which had not been actively developed for several years and reputedly did not work with modern 64-bit operating systems or versions of Windows higher than Windows XP. The project was inspired by Charles Putney on The Code Project.


  • New in Version 5.0: channel utilization break down to show device (AP and client) airtime utilization; see connected client devices and info about client such as utilization and signal strength
  • Gathers information from wireless card and software
  • Helps choose the best wireless channel available
  • Wi-Fi network information such as SSID, MAC, vendor, data rate, signal strength, and security
  • Graphs signal strength over time
  • Shows which Wi-Fi network channels overlap

System requirements[edit]


  • Version 5.0: MicrosoftWindows 7 or higher
  • Version 3.0: MicrosoftWindows XP SP3 or higher
  • Version 2.1: MicrosoftWindows XP SP2
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 or higher

OS X[edit]

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  • OS XMountain Lion 10.8 or higher

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  • inSSIDer-2 on GitHub (Apache 2.0 license)
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