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Search giant Google is rolling out what is likely the last incremental release of Chrome 21 for Leopard users, squashing any remaining bugs before moving onto releases that target newer versions of OS X. The iOS version of the browser has been updated as well.

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Last week, Google issued a memo to Mac users of its Chrome web browser informing the Leopard install-base that version 21 was the last they’d see on the five-year old Mac OS.

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“If you already have Chrome installed, you can still use Chrome, but it will no longer be auto-updated,” the company behind the world’s biggest search engine said.

“In addition, you’ll be unable to install Chrome on any Mac still running 10.5 (which is an OS X version also no longer being updated by Apple),” it added.

While Google never said anything about incrementing Chrome on Leopard one last time, a recent update on the Stable channel indicates that this is the case.

Karen Grunberg blogging for Google reports that, “The Stable channel has been updated to 21.0.1180.90 for Mac 10.5 users only.” Users are directed to the changelog to see what’s new (mostly bug fixes), and those who find new issues are apparently still encouraged to use the bug reporter.

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“You can see the list of changes here. If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at,” reads the announcement.

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On the iOS front, Chrome 21.0.1180.82 is now available to iPhone and iPad users preferring the Google web browsing experience over the iOS built-in Safari.

Install Chrome For Mac Os 10.13

The changelog here is terse, mentioning only compatibility updates for iPhone 5 and iOS 6, as well as a bunch of “stability and security improvements.” You can download both updates via the links below.