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Does anyone know of any good tools (I'm looking for IDEs) to write assembly on the Mac. Xcode is a little cumbersome to me. Also, on the Intel Macs, can I use generic x86 asm? Or is there a modif. Since 2005, Mac computers use the same x86-64 computer architecture as many other desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks and servers, meaning that in principle, the code making up macOS/OS X systems and software can be run on alternative platforms with minimal compatibility issues.

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  1. For this method, you need Etcher / Rufus, PrimeOS iso file. We recommend you to use a decent speed USB drive (8GB or larger).
  2. For flashing PrimeOS to the USB drive, plug in your USB drive and launch Etcher / Rufus. Now select PrimeOS iso file, create the bootable USB.
  3. Note: Be careful with the steps below and backup your data if you're not sure about what you are doing.
  4. For installing PrimeOS on your HDD/SSD/SDcard, first create a new partition for PrimeOS ( suggested minimum size is 16GB ).
  5. Turn off secure boot of your device and then boot up the PrimeOS USB by pressing esc or F12, depending on your bios menu key and selecting the PrimeOS USB to boot from.
  6. Select the ‘Install PrimeOS option from GRUB menu.
  7. The installer will load, and you will have an option to choose which partition you created earlier. Choose it, and select Ext4 for formatting the drive.
  8. When it asks if you want to install System as R/W (Read/Write), select YES, otherwise the OTA functionality will break.
  9. When it asks if you want to install Grub, select YES.
  10. When finished, the installer will then ask if you want to run PrimeOS, you can just reboot here, and make sure you remove the USB drive.