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We start this list with the Linux app launcher omg! Readers rate as their favourite. For those who want to change the look and feel of the left panel “Ubuntu Dock” in Ubuntu 18.04, Dash to Dock is a Gnome extension that replaces left panel with Mac OS style Dock application launcher. Dash to Dock is a popular Gnome extension that Ubuntu Dock (the default left panel) is forked from. No matter how much the elementary OS team denies it, there are resemblances to.

MacMac Os Dock For Ubuntu

Key Features and Capabilities

Mac Os Dock For Ubuntu Usb

The fastest way to design and deliver containerized applications and microservices on the desktop and cloud.

Simple Setup for Docker and Kubernetes


Mac Os Dock For Ubuntu Linux

No need to fiddle with VMs or add a bunch of extra components; simply install from a single package and have your first containers running in minutes. You get certified Kubernetes and Docker, for developers of all levels of container expertise.

Ubuntu Mac Os Download

Certified Kubernetes

Install Mac Os On Ubuntu


Setup a fully functional Kubernetes environment on your desktop with a single click and start developing and testing modern applications in minutes.

Ubuntu For Mac Os

Application Templates and App Designer

Mac Os Dock For Ubuntu 20.04

Customize and share multi-service applications and service templates that are tailored to your organization. Pre-defined and customizable application templates adhere to corporate standards and automate configuration, eliminating error-prone manual setup. Intuitive Application Designer facilitates the packaging, installing, and managing of multi-service applications as a shareable package.