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Piled up books and going to a school no matter what kind of education you seek to gain was common if you look back in time. But now in the 21st century; those traditional learning methods do exist but in connection with some new interactive and advanced methods introduced that not only enhances the speed but also widens the spectrum of learning. The foundation of learning still lies in attending a school with focus on books but in modern age a single sensation termed as mobile technology works well to do the needful. Online learning with new apps being introduced every other day has made it a serious option in the field of learning to play any instrument. Even within the classrooms, the tool of tech apps proves to be really helpful for teachers as well as students.

Music Education Apps Enhances Learning

An upbeat royalty-free EDM background music with the acoustic guitar sound, light drums, and bright synths. Ideal for vlogs, free education apps, startup presentations, summer promos, or travel clips. Inspiring and positive track in an easy-listening corporate genre with a. And for musicians in particular, it’s convenient and easy to have tuner apps, metronome apps, drum machine apps, and more at your fingertips. With the help of your teacher, you can figure out ways to supplement your lessons and get some extra practice time in, whether you want a fun game to help you with music theory, or the guitar chords to.

  • Tech apps have been designed to prove helpful for music educators.
  • It gives them innovative and interesting methods of making their music class more interactive for students.
  • It enhance the process of learning and tracking the progress of students become easier.
  • Mobile apps serve as a tool for supplementing music education and with more than thousands of music apps in library; students and teachers get to take the advantage of massive resources with focus on music.
  • Only for the iPad alone, more than 80,000 music education apps have been designed, developed and implemented.
  • Mobile apps give unlimited opportunities to students for practicing on their own.
  • These apps help students in gaining confidence and their music skills are improved.

These apps are thus changing the way music is taught and learnt.

How Apps help in Music Education?

Music education apps are marking new methods for accomplishing goals of learning music. They are enhancing motivation among learners. Students get encouraged to participate in learning especially if they are having more fun whether it is a music-related game or having fun learning music on a tablet.

Even analyzing pieces of music with their notes becomes easier that forms the basis for ease of creating music. Using apps, students can break down musical pieces and it helps in recognizing notes, rhythms, harmonies and other aspects of music.

Each student learn and understand at their own scale and thus there will be times when music teachers need to focus and make some additional efforts with certain students. When teachers need to do so, they can engage other students with use of these educational apps.

Some topics are rather difficult to understand and would need students to do some additional practice. An app can be used to give them additional practice sessions in order to make sure that they have understood a certain concept. The music education apps allow students to investigate and discover true musical experience which is way more interactive and helpful than reading a text material.

Smartphones and Tablets in Music Education:

Just as the technology is evolving, computers and laptops came in existence and these devices slowly enhanced the method of creating and teaching music. But introduction of smartphones and tablets have revitalized the experience of music and have taken it even further for teaching and interactive lessons with students. With these devices, students get to experience tactile surfaces so the way they use the interface has direct influence to creation and learning of music. The enhanced sensitivity makes way for a real-like experience as they can feel their fingers vibrating as they play an instrument on these devices. These vibrating effects along with sounds are much closer to what real-life instruments feel like when played.

Benefits of Smart Devices for Music Education:

Below are some of the main characteristics of these smart devices that have and are changing the way music is taught and learnt.

  • These devices offers convenience of use with their portable size.
  • With touchscreen system and enhanced sensitivity, you get an experience closer to a real-time instrument.
  • Smart devices offer enhanced processing speed that makes them quicker and saves your time.
  • With their enhanced battery life, they give you hassle-free teaching.
  • Apps are easy to use and simple to follow.
  • You can get customized apps for specific teaching/learning purpose.
  • With a plethora of free and reasonably priced apps, this dynamic approach of teaching is extremely affordable. With millions of users of these apps in the market, software developers are working on development of apps at a rapid pace.
  • Interactive interface for innovative teaching.

The Market of Music Apps:

With many apps available in market, music teachers and students would need to focus on certain key points when looking for these applications:

  • Look for the apps that appeal you most.
  • Search over internet to know about features of these apps.
  • Check which platforms these apps are optimized for.
  • Full feature apps with multiple lesson options would be more suitable. Look for apps that have options for music theory, playing along, notation, sequencing, ear training, improvisation and more.
  • You will find apps that offer enhanced functionality and content with both audio and video lessons for learners.
  • There will be apps with practice instructions, in-depth drills as well as assessment functions.

Music Education Apps For Kids


Even if you choose many of the best apps for music education, success would really depend upon how you and your students are using these apps for improving their music skills. Proper demonstrations and visual instructions are important. Nowadays these apps have become so important that there is no way for teachers and students to visualize music learning without them.

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The very best music education apps are featured here within the walls of MusiciansWithApps. Whether you are a teacher of music education or a student of music education, you will find all of the appropriate iOS apps here.

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Quick list to all iOS MusiciansWithApps reviews for all of you wonderful people within music education:

Little Star HD- for babes, soothing music exploration

NoteWorks- chomper eats your notes as you identify notes

Sight Reading Trainer- for pianists all about sight reading

Hear It, Note It- more piano fun all about dictation

Dust Buster- fun piano games teaching you all about piano notes and songs

Wild Chords- for guitarists- so much fun playing guitar games

The House on Melody Street- interactive music book for young musicians

Blob Chorus- pick out the correct note sung by funny blobs

FlashNote Derby- Awesome way to practice your notes in a hurry.

Monkey Drum- Listen, watch and repeat the rhythms played. Make your own too.

Inversion Invasion- Fun way to practice your inversions- piano

Mozart Interactive- Love this exploratory app featuring one of our favorite mozart tunes

Music Education Apps For Mac

Irish Fiddler- Accomplished Irish Fiddler teaches you how to play some popular irish tunes

Sheet Music Direct– Cool way to read your sheet music right from your device

Musical Me- Music exploration for the young

Recorder Master- Teaches how to play the recorder. FAVORITE APP** Podcast Interview #3

Music Education Apps For Ipad

Do Re Memory – Simple app for learning notes on the musical staff

Chord Detector- Listens and detects chords in any given song (guitar)

Music Theory for Beginners – Tons of music theory skills and knowledge

Jazzy Day – Elementary knowledge of Jazz music


Fret Tester – Guitar/Bass/Mandolin

Cleartune – Tuner Music Gadget

Sound Recall – Pitch Memory Builder Game

Recorder – iOS Recorder, Gadget

Music Maximus – Symphony Orchestra knowledge

ZZZ – Drift Away to Sleep – music repetition

Music Education Apps For Mac

Pluto Learns Piano – Follow note shape on staff game ***Favorite App** *Podcast Interview*#2

Dr. Seuss Band – Like Rock Band for Dr. Seuss Lovers

GlowTunes – Visual Arts and Harmonic Music all in one app

Metronome – Metronome Music Gadget

DooDah – Best notes on staff tool for the very young

Classical Genius – Classical Music Exploration

Piano Monkey – Learn Those Notes app

Rhythm Repeat – Rhythm Memory Game

My Note Games – All sorts of fun games for Note Reading ***Favorite App** *Podcast Interview*#1

Music Education Apps For Macbook Pro

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer – Practice Sight Reading Rhythms

Free Music Apps Download For Macbook

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