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As long as you are using macOS to manage the drive then yes the WD drive is compatible. If you are using the WD software, then you need to contact WD to see if their software is compatible as I'm sure the WD website may contain misleading information.

My Passport; My Cloud Home; My Cloud; My Book; Internal Drives / SSDs. Western Digital Dashboard. Software for Mac GoodSync for WD. Install WD Discovery for Mac. WD Drive Utilities for Mac. WD Security for Mac. Product Firmware Product. If your product is not listed above, please visit the product page. How to Setup WD My Passport Ultra 1TB on Mac? Switch on your Mac system and connect the WD My Password 1 TB drive to the system using a cable.; Make sure you have given permission for external devices to be recognized on your system. 'If yes', then the WD icon will be available in the menu bar. The next step of the setup procedure is to double-click on the.dmg file to begin the installation. Western Digital My Passport Go 1TB Software for Mac. Follow these guidelines to set up the Western Digital My Passport on your Mac computer. Power on the Mac computer and attach the WD My Passport Go 1TB to it. The Mac computer asks if you want to use the WD storage device to back up data. Click the Decide Later option. Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for WD - My Passport for Mac 1TB External USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive with Hardware Encryption - Black. Read helpful reviews from our customers. Turn OFF the My Passport Wireless. Insert the SD Card. Turn ON the My Passport Wireless. The My Passport Wireless will boot up, then will start flashing a White LED while the update is happening. Once the update is complete the LED will return to the normal ON state.

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FYI, it is much safer to just have macOS manage the WD drive. To do so just move everything on the WD drive to another drive temporarily. Then use the WD software to disable any security features on the WD drive. Then uninstall the WD software by following the manufacturer's instructions. Now use Disk Utility to erase the WD drive as GUID partition and MacOS Extended (Journaled) if you are only using it on a Mac or as GUID partition and ExFAT if you will share it with a Windows computer. Now move all your files back to the WD drive.

Once everything is working you can upgrade to Catalina. Just make sure to have good verified working bootable backups before upgrading in case something goes wrong or you decide you don't like Catalina and want to revert back to the current macOS.

Wd My Passport Ultra 1tb Format For Mac

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