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KingoRoot, both PC and APK version, offers the easiest and fastest Android rooting. KingoRoot - Best One Click Android Root Apk / PC for Free. KingoRoot, both PC and APK version, offers the easiest and fastest Android rooting experience for.

One Click Root 3.8 Crack Free Keygen Download

One Click Root Crack is the professional root program for android. It can run on Windows XP, Vista, server 2008, 7 and Windows 10. It is introduced by the team of authoritative android programs. One Click Root allows you to root your android devices within a click. The software can download on a computer with a USB cable, linked to mobile or automatically on android.

There are several types of rooting as king root, I Root, kingoroot, root genius, and many others. The main object of One Click Root program is to look after your android. The users can unlock the greater potential of their Android phone. King Root process is completely independent and free for its users. King Root can work with several devices simultaneously. The rooting process just takes less than five minutes and everything went smooth and tender. One Click Root Crack supports all phones working 2.x, 4.0.x and 4.1.x. It supports more than one thousand phones and tablets etc.

With the help of this software, you can also get back your material. You can root devices working android donut, ├ęclair, and FROYO etc. CT auto root is the root method for rooting beginners. Kingo root can root numerous Android devices. Live chat support of one click root makes it greater than the other roots types. One Click Root Torrent is a movable software, which assures your reach to android material on your system. You can also root your Q mobile efficiently within one click using this software.

Features Of One Click Root Crack & Registration Key

  • One Click Root immediately reaches to your android root files and unlock with full power.
  • One Click Root provides a full guideline to its users if they face any hurdle in their rooting process.
  • You can simply jailbreak your iPhone and iPod devices with the help of single click only.
  • You can root all Samsung devices without any anxiety.
  • Rooting your android phones provide you effective reach to its operating system.
  • Therefore users can modify their CPU speed or download strong latest applications like a wireless tether.
  • You can also download ROM of modern interaction that gives your phone a new style and looks.
  • Custom ROMs make your mobile like the new one.

Main Uses of this Software:

  • The users can repair the misbehaving android devices and set their devices.
  • This program helps you to easily download ROMs and MODs.
  • It helps you to download standard root applications.
  • The rooting operation of this software is completely secure and safe.
  • During the rooting, UN-rooting or repairing android, your data is comprehensively safe. It will never harm your material or device.

Advantages of One Click Root Torrent:

  • It is simple, easy, secure and trustworthy software.
  • It is the simple friendly user interface.
  • If you want, this software can also UNroot your device within a single click.
  • One-Click Root Torrent makes your system running performance as the new one.
  • It makes more space and cleans up your PC from all malware.




One Click Root License Key





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  1. First of all download a One Click Root Torrent file
  2. Download with the help of Utorrent
  3. Extract all these files and run
  4. Follow all instructions one by one
  5. Finally, Process has done!

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Want to better control your Android device? Want to make your Android phone more functional? Then you must know what is rooting and which one is the best Android root software.

Here I list top 7 Android rooting softwares and apps that root your phone (with or without computer).

Overview of Rooting Android Device

You definitely have heard of the root of Android devices, but you may not have a further understanding because you are not inclined to technology flow. But big data shows that most Android users choose to root, do you know why they get root? So, what is rooting? Let's see.

Rooting is equivalent to becoming a superuser who gains ownership of Linux and file system. This means you can manage Android phone to your own mind. Learn more about the benefits of rooting:

1. Can install and uninstall apps that were not allowed before

2. It prevents the phone's built-in apps from running automatically.

3. Can indirectly improve the endurance and running speed of the mobile phone

4. Block pop-up ads on apps

5. Flash custom ROM and kernel

6. It can also back up all the files and applications on the Android device.

7. Root allows you to move the application to the SD card to increase memory

Of course, it has other features you need to explore. When you become the real owner of the phone, what else can you solve with your Android phone?

One click root software for mac os

In order to successfully set the root of the phone, let me introduce reliable and secure rooting tools for Android.

Top 3 Android Root Software for PC

#1 dr. fone for Android (Root)

Fone Toolkit is a full-featured Android/iPhone management toolkit. Its main 8 function is to restore, transfer, repair, unlock and more. The free Android root software we use is also an important feature provided by the software. Rooted Android devices with just one click


1. The root function of the software is provided free of charge.

2. Almost fully automated can simple life.

3. This root Android phone software supports 7,000 + Android devices.

4. The rooting operation can be handled in various situations.

5. 100% secure professional software.

6. There is an option to unroot.

7. Industry-leading root success rate.

8. Attractive UI and UX.


1. Its download speed is very slow due to the support of 8 firmware.

Step to Root Android Phone with PC Software

Step 1. Download and install dr.fone Android Root. Click the 'More Tools' button in the left panel to select the 'Android Root' option.

Step 2. Then connect Android to PC with USB cable. Then click 'Start'

Step 3. After detecting the device, the 'Root Now' button will appear, select it, and wait for the root to end.

dr. fone Android Root review

In general, it is very simple to use it for root. No technical background is required, I can get a rooted device by clicking twice on a clear interface. And it has other features that I can try and be full of surprises.

#2 FoneLab Android Data Recovery (Root)

The best Android root software provides the functionality of rooting. Although there is no dedicated root feature, it is the leader in the Android data recovery industry. And there is no doubt that it is safe. Of course, the root device is also free.


1. Free root software for Android.

2. Secure is trustworthy.

3. It is good at Android data recovery.

4. Simple interface design and intimate guidance.

5. Higher root success rate.


  1. Root function and data recovery are not separated

FoneLab (Root) Review

It is very convenient to use, but I need to use the FoneLab Android Data Recovery Free to perform root operations. It can be used as a clean and handy root software.

#3 iRoot

iRoot is a relatively common rooting tool for Android, I can find a lot of resources about iRoot on the Internet. Its universality has won many supporters, and iRoot function is indeed commendable.


1. Compatible with most devices

2. Free android root software

3. One of the highlights is that there is a root without WiFi.

4. There are many successful root cases

5. It is a secure root Android phone with PC software


1. Unable to achieve unroot

2. Suitable for experienced people

iRoot Android Root Software Review

All in all, it can root my Android device, but the steps are more complicated and take some time to adapt. Moreover, it does not yet provide unroot function, which needs improvement. (download link )

Best 4 Apps to Root Android Phone without Computer

Here you'll see the best rooting apps for Android in this part.

#4 Root Genius

It's a great Android Rooting App running on Android devices, fully automated to get root privileges. According to feedback from a large number of users, it works well and stables on different Android devices, such as Infinix, Gionee, Wikio, etc.


1. Can flash custom ROM.

2. Get rooted Android devices with one click.

3. Compatible with different Android devices.

4. No need to download other firmware, safe and sound.


1. No function to disconnect the device.

2. Only English and Chinese are supported.

Root Genius Review

This is the best android root apk for people who are not familiar with the technology. After enabling debugging on my phone, I just click on ' Root Now' and the rest of the work will be done automatically. (download link )

#5 KingoRoot

KingRoot is a small but powerful Android rooting app. It works flawlessly on almost all major devices. An ultra-simple and practical root tool quickly get the root device with a single click.


1. The latest version supports all Android devices.

2. It is possible to download it to Android phone or PC.

3. Simple and convenient for rooting without computer

4. A few minutes of Android rooting.


1. Need to connect to WiFi.

2. Unable to customize ROM.

KingoRoot Review

After downloading the app, click the 'root' button to wait for the application to automatically root. I like it too much. And its stability is indeed commendable. (download link)

One Click Root Application

#6 OneClickRoot for Android

The app for root Android phone like its name. It is a simple, modern app that can be rooted with just one click. This method is independent of other methods is to support live chat.


1. Use OneClickRoot to simplify the rooting operation.

2. Live chat adds guarantee.

3. Completely secure application.


1. Does not support HTC devices and older Android.

2. Unable to cancel the connected device.

OneClickRoot Review

OneClickRoot is as easy and simple as the first three. This method is a good choice if the first two scenarios do not have a successful root device. (download link )

One Click Root Mac

#7 BusyBox

BusyBox is the GNU Core Utilities toolkit Android root App installed on Android devices, and it has many gadgets compatible with Android Linux. It is used to manage and optimize Android phones.


1. The downloaded installation package is a small apk file

2. Designed to manage the Linux kernel of Android

Free One Click Root

3. The rooting without computer can download directly on Google Play

4. With Advance Smart feature


1. BusyBox free update is not timely

BusyBox Review

It really meets the honor of 'Swiss Army Knife', and makes me the master of the Android phone. More importantly, the app also has other Android tools. All in all, It makes it easy to manage and optimize device. Download directly from Google Play.

The Bottom Line

Buy One Click Root Software

This review recommends 7 great Android rooting softwares running on PC or Android phone. If you really want more access to root, I strongly suggest you choose the first 2 free software, the security and success rate will be higher.

Rooting brings convenience to our management of Android devices, but the risk of rooting is real. And for Android devices root, everyone's answers are inconsistent. Just follow the thoughts in your heart.

Download One Click Root Pc

One Click Root Pc Free

Any ideas about root can be discussed in the comments section.