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All watches purchased from Beacon Watches Co. come with a manufacturer warranty of 36-MONTHS or 3-YEARS, valid from your date of purchase. 

This warranty covers all defects in the materials and workmanship of the watches. If the watch proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use, it will be repaired or replaced.  

If you have an issue with your watch, please Contact Us first to discuss the issue.


For the watches, the hands, dials, and the watch movements are the components that are covered under the warranty. The warranty does not cover other watch components, including battery replacement, damages on the watch cases and sapphire crystals.

Damages resulting from improper handling, lack of care, accidents, or normal wear-and-tear are not covered under this warranty.

Beacon Watches will not accept a warranty claim or repair request if a watch has evidence of excessive wear or improper handling. 


For any product repair or replacement within the Warranty Period, a proof of purchase is required, so please hold on to your receipts.

A copy of our Certificate of Authenticity card (Located inside the watch box) should also be included for all warranty claims.

For a product repair or replacement outside of the Warranty Period, please first Contact Us.

We will then follow up with you for further instructions.


Upon the receipt of your warranty claims, we will instruct you to return your watch to us via your national postal service using a tracked option.

Once we receive the watch, we will reimburse you for the return shipping costs (a receipt for postage payment will be required).

Please allow up to 14 working days for repair, depending on the severity of the issue. 

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