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  • Parallels For Mac; Once I switched from PC to Mac, I swore I'd never go back! But there were still a few programs that I needed Windows to run. Jul 05, 2010 Parallels is the first to introduce a type 1 hypervisor for Apple hardware in the Parallels Server for Mac 4 Bare Metal edition solution.
  • 6 Getting Started 2 Click the link to view the app in the Mac App Store and then click Get Install App. 3 Follow the instructions and install the app on your Mac. To automatically create a Parallels Remote Application Server connection: 1 In the invitation email that you received from your system administrator, find the Configure section and click the Click Here to auto configure the.
  • 'Parallels Server for Mac will be a catalyst in driving Mac server adoption in the enterprise, as it is the first product ever to enable IT professionals and developers to capitalize on the power.
Parallels Server for Mac
Parallels Server for Mac running Mac OS X Leopard Server in a VM on top of Mac OS X Leopard Server
Developer(s)Parallels, Inc.
Stable release
Operating systemMac OS X Server
PlatformApple–Intel architecture
Available inMultilingual[which?]

Parallels Server for Mac is a server-sidedesktop virtualization product built for the Mac OS X Server platform and is developed by Parallels, Inc., a developer of desktop virtualization and virtual private server software. This software allows users to run multiple distributions of Linux, Windows and FreeBSD server applications alongside Mac OS X Server on Intel-based Apple hardware.

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Parallels Server for Mac was not in development for more than a year[1] before its alpha stage was demoed at MacWorld 2008 [2] and the product was officially released on June 17, 2008.[3] While in beta, Parallels Server for Mac did not allow running Mac OS X Server in a virtual machine; however, Apple eased up on its licensing restrictions before Parallels Server for Mac's GA release to allow running Mac OS X Leopard Server in a virtual machine as long as that virtual machine is running on Apple hardware.[4]


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GenreVirtualization and Hosting Automation
HeadquartersBellevue, Washington, United States[1]
ProductsParallels Desktop for Mac
Parallels RAS
Parallels Toolbox
Parallels Access
RevenueUS$ 100 million (2008)[2]
Number of employees

Parallels is a software company based in Bellevue, Washington; it is primarily involved in the development of virtualization software for macOS. The company has offices in 15 countries, including the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan, China, Spain, Russia, Australia and Ukraine, and has over 800 employees.[3]

Company history[edit]

Privately held server automation and virtualization software company SWSoft developed software for running data centers, particularly for web-hosting services companies and application service providers. Their Virtuozzo product was an early system-level server virtualization solution, and in 2003 they bought Plesk, a commercial web hosting platform.[4]

SWsoft's acquisition of Parallels was more or less kept under wraps until January 2004, two years before Parallels became mainstream.[5] In 2004 SWsoft acquired Parallels, Inc.[6] and Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux 2.0[7] was released, with Parallels Desktop for Mac following in mid 2006.[8] Later the same year the corporate headquarters moved from Herndon, Virginia to Renton, Washington.

At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2007 in San Francisco, California, Parallels announced and demonstrated its upcoming Parallels Server for Mac.[9] Parallels Server for Mac will reportedly allow IT managers to run multiple server operating systems on a single Mac Xserve.[10][11]

In 2007 the German company Netsys GmbH sued Parallels' German distributor Avanquest for copyright violation (see Parallels Desktop for Mac for details), then Parallels Server for Mac was announced at WWDC - and later Parallels Technology Network.[12]

In 2008 SWsoft merged into Parallels to become one company under the Parallels branding[5] which then acquired ModernGigabyte, LLC.[13][14]Parallels Server for Mac was launched in June[15] then in September Parallels Desktop 4 for Windows and Linux, a rename of Parallels Workstation for the 4.0 release,[16] - and Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac[17] later that year. From the next version, 6.0, the Windows and Linux software became known as Parallels Workstation again.

Over the next three years the company launched Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac,[18]Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac,[19] Parallels Server for Mac 4.0 Mac mini Edition,[20]Parallels Transporter,[21] Parallels Workstation 6 Extreme,[22]Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac,[23] Parallels Mobile for iOS[24] - and Parallels Workstation 6.[25]

During 2012, 2013 and 2014, the company discontinued Parallels Server for Mac, Windows and Linux, launched Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac and Mac Management for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. and released Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac.

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Parallels acquired 2X Software in February 2015,[26] rebranded their service provider business to Odin[27] - later selling the Odin Service Automation Platform to Ingram Micro.[28] They also released Parallels Mac Management v4.0 for Microsoft SCCM and Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac.

In 2017, Virtuozzo and Plesk, two products from the pre-Parallels history of SWsoft, were spun out.[29][30]

In December 2018, Corel announced that it had acquired Parallels.[31][32]


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In October 20, 2020 it was announced that Google have partnered to bring full-featured Windows applications to enterprises and cloud workers using Chrome Enterprise. Chrome OS is increasingly being chosen by modern enterprises, either for remote work, hybrid, or in the office,” said John Solomon, Vice President of Chrome OS at Google, “We are thrilled to partner with Parallels to bring legacy and full-featured Windows applications support, through Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise, to help businesses easily transition to cloud-first devices and workflows.” [33]

Current products[edit]

Parallels Server For Mac Catalina

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac - an x86 virtualization platform for macOS.
  • Parallels RAS - Delivers Virtual desktops and extends Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host desktop sessions and applications to users through the Microsoft RDP protocol.[34]
  • Parallels Toolbox - a software containing links to common OS functions.
  • Parallels Access - a remote desktop platform.
  • Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise - Run full-featured Windows applications, including native Microsoft Office, on Chromebook Enterprise devices — online and offline.[35]

Parallels Software For Mac


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