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Safe mode (safe boot) is a great way to troubleshoot the causes of problems that you may be having with your Mac. This article explains what to do if macOS is stuck in safe mode, meaning your Mac keeps starting in safe mode.

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  • It was a pain because you can't run the tool on a Mac, so you must run the tool on a spare PC. I was on vacation, and didn't have one until I got home. My Windows 10 boot up was stuck at the blue logo. Once you re-start the Mac with the USB drive created by the tool, hold down the Option Key, and you'll see the USB option EFI Boot.
  • On the upper-right corner of your screen you’ll see the words “Safe Boot” displayed on the login window when your Mac is in safe mode. How to Exit Safe Mode. To leave safe mode, do the following: 1. Restart your Mac without pressing keys on startup. Select “Apple menu Shut Down.” This will return you to your desktop in normal mode.
  • How to Stop Mac From Booting Into Safe Mode. There are a few reasons why your computer is always booting into Safe Mode. This guide will discuss each of these reasons and show you the best way to deal with them. Fix Stuck Shift Keys and Clean Your Keyboard; The process of booting into Safe Mode requires you to hold down the Shift key when you.
  • Mac's Safe boot option: Apple has offered a Safe Boot (sometimes called Safe Mode) option ever since Jaguar (OS X 10.2.x). Safe Boot can be a key troubleshooting step when your having problems with your Mac, either problems with starting your Mac up, or with issues you come across while you use your Mac, such as having apps not start or apps that seem to cause your Mac to freeze, crash,.

Choose Another Startup Disk with the Startup Manager. To boot from a specific device, press.

Safe mode boot for macbook pro

Safe mode starts your Mac in a very basic state by disabling unnecessary services. So you boot your Mac into safe mode to fix some problems you are having (i.g., your Mac freezes).

Safe Mode Boot Stuck Mac


To leave safe mode, you can simply restart your Mac normally (without pressing any keys) by selecting Restart from the Apple menu.

If this does not work, try the following tips:

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  1. To enter safe mode, you press and hold the Shift key while you turn on your Mac. It is possible that the Shift key is stuck meaning it stays pressed without pressing it. In other words, the Shift key gets pressed itself. Thus your Mac starts up in safe mode. Check your Shift key if it is working properly.
  2. If your Shift key is working normally, the next thing you should do is to reset PRAM (or NVRAM). This will reset some small settings (time zone, sound volume etc). Resetting this may resolve your problem. Here is how:
    1. Turn off your computer
    2. Turn on your computer and immediately after press and hold the Option, Command, P, and R keys together for about 20 seconds. Then release the keys. Your computer will restart.
  3. Use the Terminal app to reverse safe mode. While your Mac is in safe mode, do the following steps:
    1. Open the Terminal app (Applications > Utilities > Terminal)
    2. Enter the following command
    3. sudo nvram boot-args=””
    4. Press enter. You will have to enter your admin password
    5. Restart your Mac

Starting Mac In Safe Mode


Windows 10 Safe Mode Keyboard Shortcut

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