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SQLiteFlow is an SQLite editor for Mac & iOS which is intuitive, stable and reliable to use.

I need to inspect an SQLite file on Mac. What viewer should I use? Requirements: Free, ideally open source; Browse schema, data. Run queries; Bonus if updated in near real time when the file is modified by an external program, no need to click 'Refresh'. Allows you to edit and delete records in any SQLite database on your phone. For root users, lists all installed apps which have local internal databases. You can then select an app and edit any of.

Edit blob as hex, show blob as image if possible. View, edit or add table fields, indexes, foreign keys, checks. Allow SQLiteFlow on Mac remote connect SQLite database in iPhone or iPad. Database Statistics. Supports show records count of each table. Build-in file manager upgrade: 1. Better navigation bar 2. Click on the second SDCard icon to show App list. SQLite Table Editor. The SQLite table editor is one of the tools contained in the RazorSQL database client for SQLite. It allows users to edit database table data in a spreadsheet like format. Users can easily add and remove rows, or edit individual cells. The find / replace tool allows users to quickly find and/or replace text.


macOS 10.13+ / iOS 13.0+


Version 4.6.1 Sep 15, 2020 Release Notes


Query Editor

  • Multi-query execution.
  • Customize syntax highlighting.
  • SQL auto-completion.
  • Format query.
  • Copy query with custom style.
  • Paste recent query sessions.
  • Explain query.

Query Editor - Multi-query Execution

Query Editor - Copy Query with Custom Style and It’s Setting

Data Editor

  • View, edit or add table data.
  • View table data with a convenient data filter.
  • Edit blob as hex, show blob as image if possible.
  • Copy data to CSV.

Data Editor

Table Schema

Sqlite Editor For Mac
  • View, edit or add table fields, indexes, foreign keys, checks.
  • View triggers.
  • View DDL.
  • Preview the query that for altering table.

Alter Table - Fields

Alter Table - Preview

Sqlite Editor For Mac


  • Supports import CSV data.

Import from CSV Text

Dark Mode

  • Supports Dark Mode for macOS 10.14+.

Database Statistics

  • Display table counts and each table’s record count.
  • Display total size of each table, size of each table’s content and size of each table’s indexes.

Database Statistics

Database Diff

  • Supports generate SQL text that can let you transform a database into another.
  • Supports show a summary of the differences between two databases.

Remote Connect

  • Supports open remote SQLite database in iPhone or iPad with SQLiteFlow(iOS) installed.

Remote Connect

Attach Database

  • Attach opened databases without any code. This is a very handy feature that could save lots of your time from writing ATTACH DATABASE commands.

Attach Opened Databases

Drag and Drop

  • Drag and drop to open databases and sql scripts.
  • Create multiple windows.

Inside Explorer

  • Show inside data structure of SQLite database file, journal file, WAL file and WAL-Index file.

Inside Explorer

Handle Database File Name or Directory Changes

Sqlite Editor For Mac Shortcut

  • For instance, this makes SQLiteFlow can work friendly with your SQLite databases in iOS simulator.

REGEXP operator

  • Supports REGEXP operator for local databases when ‘REGEXP operator’ is enabled in Preferences.

Sqlite Editor For Mac Download


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Sqlite Editor For Mac

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