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  2. Stellar Drive Clone complete Mac hard Drive Cloning Utility (macOS High Sierra Compatible). Smartly backs up all files and folders in a volume. Safely creates an image of any Mac volume or the entire Mac hard drive. Effectively restores all volume data from a folder or image file. Stellar Drive Clone smartly backs up all files and folders in a.
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It is wise to clone or create a disk image of your failing Mac hard drive to prevent data loss. Using Stellar Drive Clone, you can clone your drive which can be used as a backup to recover data at a later point in time and as a startup disk if your Mac encounters booting issues.

Stellar Drive Clone for Mac. Stellar Drive clone is one of the best disk cloning software for Mac. It creates an identical, ready to use copy of the hard drive. This Mac disk cloning software supports various types of cloning like, HFS-to-HFS, FAT-to-FAT and NTFS-to-ExFAT. It can copy an entire folder or an entire hard disk drive on Mac. Stellar Drive Clone (Mac) Stellar Drive Clone is our second pick. This app can copy the entire hard drive and allows you to perform immediate recovery whenever you need it. Besides cloning Macintosh HD, you can also use this app to clone an exFAT-formatted drive. Here’s a screenshot I.

You can even restore volume from a folder or a mountable image to its previous state as well. Further, Stellar Drive Clone allows you to resize volume in the target drive for storage optimization and you can clone a volume to another volume, network drive, or to any folder. The software is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to cloning and restoring files from a volume.

Stellar Drive Clone is easy to use and the whole process is as simple as possible.

How to Use Stellar Drive Clone?

The following steps illustrate how you can use Stellar Drive Clone to create an image of your Mac drive.

1Stellar Drive Clone has five options to choose from – Clone, Imaging, Restore, Tools & Backup

  • If you select Clone, there are two advanced options i.e. Disk Clone and Volume Clone. Disk Clone has further two options – clone without resizing and clone with resizing. If you don’t need extra space on the target drive, select the former option, else select clone with resizing.
  • Select Clone > Disk Clone > clone without resizing/clone with resizing, select the source and destination drive, and click continue. For resizing the volume, enter the new size and proceed with the cloning process.

2. Volume Clone consists of three options

  • Clone Volume to Volume: to create a clone of a volume on another volume
  • Clone Volume to Network Drive: to create a copy of the source volume in the network drive
  • Clone Volume to Folder: to create a copy of source volume on a folder in another drive

To clone a volume, click Clone > Volume Clone and select either of the three options. Select the source and destination drive and click Continue.

3. Imaging has two options

  • Create Drive/Volume Image: creates a disk image of the volume. Click Imaging > Create Drive/Volume Image, choose the destination, specify the image file name and click Save > Continue
  • Create Image of Boot Volume: creates a minimal system of the boot volume

4. Restore consists of two options:

  • Restore Volume from Folder: to restore volume from a specific folder. Click Restore > Restore Volume from Folder > Choose Source select the destination and click Continue
  • Restore Volume from Image File: restores volume from an image file created by the software only. Click Restore > Restore Volume from Image File > Choose Source, select destination and click Continue to restore the volume from an image file

5. Tools two options:

  • Create Bootable USB: use this option to create bootable DMG files when the operating system fails to boot, when no OS is loaded or when the drive is blank. Click Tools > Bootable Disk Image > Create Image, save the disk image at the destination and click Choose. Double-click the image created to mount it.

Connect an external drive and format it in ‘Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with GUID Partition Table map scheme’. Open Disk Utility, select Restore, drag the mounted image to source destination, click Restore and boot your Mac after the process is completed.

  • Create Minimal System Drive: use this feature to copy system files from a Mac OS to another volume.

Click Tools > Minimal System, boot volume is by default selected as the source, select destination and click Continue. From the list of installed applications, select the required ones and click Finish Install to create an image. Finally, click Continue and once the process is completed, select the desired application from the Applications installed list to add to the Copies Applications list.

6. Backup: Using this feature you can backup all your Mac hard drive’s files and folders. Moreover, you can set periodic schedules to backup all your data.

Follow these steps to backup your important data:

  • Click Backup > Select source volume. Select the files and folders that you wish to backup and click Backup Now to specify the destination drive.
  • Click Open Directory, select the backup destination and click Choose.

To schedule periodic backup, click Schedule Backup after selecting files and folders. Specify the destination drive and from Schedule backup select backup cycle – Daily, Weekly, Monthly and click OK

All Together

There you have it! Stellar Drive Clone is loaded with features from cloning your Mac volume to scheduling a periodic backup and after reading this, it’s clear that how easy it is to use Stellar Drive Clone on your Mac.

It is important to keep an updated backup copy of files to restore your files. Check out how to recover deleted Mac files, if things go astray.

  • Drive Clone

    Smartly backs up all files and folders in a volume

    Safely creates image of any Mac volume or the entire Mac hard drive

    Effectively restores all volume data from a folder or image file

    Smartly backs up all files and folders in a volume


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Stellar Drive Clone For Mac

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Client Testimonials

  • My Mac has dual OS X installed on 1 TB hard drive with 2 Recovery HDs and a BootCamp Partition. This application in a go clones all these volumes to my WD External Hard Drive. I need not require to purchase addition tools to backup my Windows 10 partition. In $39, this backup utility is a gem.

    Falcon, Philadelphia USA

Stellar Drive Clone Mac Cracked

Why Cloning

Need For Cloning Mac Drive

Mac Hard drive cloning is a process of replicating the contents of one hard drive to another hard drive for the purpose of backing up useful data while performing critical hard drive updates or a complete recovery of your Mac system.

You need to clone Mac drive for data safety:

Shifting Data to a new Hard Drive

The software clone Mac hard drive by moving all data on your drive, including the operating system, all installed software applications, etc. to another hard drive without requiring you to reconfigure the drive, software, or the update patches. Stellar Drive Clone easily creates replica of Macintosh HD, Recovery HD. Moreover, it clones the NTFS BootCamp partition to EXFAT file system.

Protection against System Failure

If your Mac becomes faulty or behave erratically causing data losses concerns then you can easily get your system to its original working state by restoring all the vital data from a clean, master image created earlier. The .DMG or disk image file created with this Mac hard drive clone software is free from bad sectors or blocks and quickly restores vital data back to Mac hard drive.

Upgrading Mac System

When you are upgrading your Mac system or moving to a higher version of Mac, you require performing a full backup of your Mac hard drive. In such cases, you need to create a clone of the entire Mac drive to preserve all your valuable programs and other useful data. You can easily restore data in its original form using this clone of the drive at any later point of time.


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Stellar Drive Clone For Mac
Stellar Drive Clone v3.5 has been released with new features and hard drive cloning options for all Mac users and Intel-based Macs. The software supports macOS Sierra 10.12.
Use Stellar Drive Clone for Mac and clone macOS High Sierra or below OS X to another hard drive or destination safely. Compatible with HFS, HFS+, FAT, ex-FAT and NTFS file systems.

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