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After four long weeks of bug fixes and enhancements, the second Public Beta for Mac is available for download at
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Nov 01, 2016 How to Download & Install Stykz for Windows, Mac, Linux (Easiest & Quickest Way Ever). OS: Mac, Windows, Linux. Originally designed as a subset of pivot it’s the first multi-platform stick figure animation program, and its free for all uses. It was started in 2008, by Ken Ray in response to his children using Pivot and being frustrated at. The animations below are examples of what can be created using Stykz. The authors have kindly provided these for display, and in some cases have even provided the original Stykz document (.stykz) files for you to download and examine to see how the animations were made.

This version of Stykz builds on the popularity of Beta 1 by adding several new features:Stykz

  • Ability to import Pivot 2 .stk files, which means that Stykz will be able to use thousands of already created .stk files so that animators won't have to recreate work that is easy to download and import.

  • You can export the currently displayed frame as a PNG, JPG, or GIF image

  • You can export all the frames in an animation to a sequence of PNG or GIF images.

  • We added an indicator in the title bar of a document window and in the Window menu to indicate a document that needs to be saved.

  • A new StykzPlayer window was added for playback that shows up automatically that lets Stykz get better performance in playback.

  • You can now move any selected figures to the center of the current stage by choosing “Move to Center Stage” from the Arrange menu.

  • We added shortcut keys to most menus items to make things easier to access.

  • A “Revert to Saved” menu item was added to the File menu to allow for discarding all changes made to a document.

  • You can now create a circle by just choosing “Circle” from the Figure menu.

  • We have made it a lot easier to move Stykz figures (.styk files) into and out of the Library: at the bottom of the Library palette are buttons to add/rename/delete items in the Library, to open the actual Library folder on your hard drive, and to refresh the list if you choose to add files to the Library folder while Stykz is open. You can also drag .styk files from the desktop directly to the Library palette to quickly add .styk files into your Library.

  • You can now specify that any figure, including those in your Library, can be used for new documents in the Preferences window

In addition to the features listed above, fixed a whole bunch of bugs so as we approach the 1.0 release Stykz will be as bug-free as possible. To see a list of everything we’ve done, see the Release Notes.
Note that this version has been re-engineered for better performance and that required a file format change; so when you open any .stykz files you created in Beta 1, you will be prompted to convert to the new format (a backup of the original is made just in case).

Stykz For Mac Animation

The next targets on the horizon are the first Windows Public Beta on February 21, and the official Mac 1.0 release on February 28. You can always see the current timeline at the Stykz forums by going to, and the features we’ll be adding to future versions of Stykz by going to
As always, if you run into any issues, or have any comments or suggestions, please use the “Send Feedback” menu item in the Help menu, or send email to [email protected]
Enjoy!Stykz For Mac

Stykz For Mac

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