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Vector NTI
Developer(s)Life Technologies
Stable release
Vector NTI Express v1.1.1 (Mac & Windows); Vector NTI Advance v11.5.2 (Windows & Mac w/PC Emulation) / September 20, 2012
Operating systemMac OS X 10.6+, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7
TypeMolecular biology Suite of Sequence Analysis & Design Software Tools (Curate, Discover, Design, Provision, Confirm)
WebsiteVector NTI home

There are many alternatives to Vector NTI for Mac if you are looking to replace it. The most popular Mac alternative is Rasmol, which is both free and Open Source.If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked 28 alternatives to Vector NTI and 19 are available for Mac. Vector Nti For Mac Software Pro Paint for Mac v.3.35 Paint for Mac Pro version is the realistic digital Mac paint program that is used to edit image, vector graphic design, free-form transformation, add filters, crop, alpha channel edit and more to paint on Mac.

Vector NTI software is a completely integrated suite of sequence analysis and design tools that help you manage, view, analyze, transform, share, and publicize diverse types of molecular biology data, all within one graphically rich analysis environment. Mac Installer (.dmg).

Vector NTI is a commercialbioinformatics software package used by many life scientists to work, among other things, with nucleic acids and proteinsin silico.[1][2] It allows researchers to, for example, plan a DNA cloning experiment on the computer before actually performing it in the lab.

It was originally created by InforMax Inc, North Bethesda, MD. Initially released for free, it was locked and turned into a commercial software after 2008 which created problems for locked in users who were forced to buy the software to continue accessing their data on newer computers.[3]

What was previously a single software package has been split into Vector NTI Express, Advanced, and Express Designer.[4]

Vector NTI has been discontinued by its corporate parent Thermo Fisher. Support will cease as of December 31, 2020. [5]


Look at other dictionaries: Plasmid — Figure 1: Illustration of a bacterium with plasmid enclosed showing chromosomal DNA and plasmids. In microbiology and genetics, a plasmid is a DNA molecule that is separate from, and can replicate independently of, the chromosomal DNA. Vector NTI Advance V11.5.1 http. Product key activation code autocad 2012 crack 32 bit free download. Free download install.wim file of windows 7 eternity.Popular Alternatives to Vector NTI for Windows, Mac, Linux,. Assemble into contigsSee also Bioinformatics Vector (molecular biology), Vector DNA,.

  • create, annotate, analyse, and share DNA/protein sequences[6]
  • perform and save BLAST searches
  • design primers for PCR, cloning, sequencing or hybridisation experiments
  • plan cloning and run gelsin silico
  • align multiple protein or DNA sequences
  • search NCBI’sEntrez, view, and save DNAs, proteins, and citations
  • edit chromatogram data, assemble into contigs
Vector Nti For Mac

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Vector Nti For Mac


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Using Vector NTI sequence files with MacVector


You have several options available for opening VectorNTI sequences in MacVector.

Directly accessing the Vector NTI database.

Vector Nti For Mac


If you are using MacVector 10.6 or above then there is a function that allows you to directly import sequence data from databases created by Vector NTI Advance v10 or earlier. You can download a fully functional 30 day trial version of MacVector 10.6 to test this functionality. We are currently running a promotion where you can get a significant discount upgrading to MacVector 10.6, even if you were previously using the free academic version of Vector NTI.

- Select the Database->Vector NTI Import… menu item and then click on the Choose button to locate the Vector NTI database folder on your file system.

If the database resides on a Windows machine then make sure to share the parental directory containing the Vector NTI Database folder on the remote machine, then connect to that machine using the Finder Go->Connect to Server… menu item.

- Once a database has been selected, MacVector will display a list of all of the sequences available in the database. There is a popup menu to toggle between Nucleic Acid and Protein sequences. The list can be sorted to more easily identify sequence(s) of interest. Select one or more sequences and then click either the To Desktop button to open those sequences in MacVector, or To Disk to save the sequences in MacVector format to a folder on your hard drive.

MacVector will read all of the standard features and annotations associated with each sequence. Currently, feature appearance information is discarded and the default MacVector feature representations are used instead. In addition, MacVector ignores any restriction enzyme sites annotated in the database sequence and replaces them with the default dynamic set of sites used by the Map tab. However, all sequence features and related information are preserved. MacVector follows the Genbank format for the features table and is always kept up to date with the latest Genbank release, so where possible MacVector will also migrate any old and deprecated features information contained in the VectorNTI file into the current up to date features nomenclature.

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Using the Vector NTI 'Save as File' ('Export') option


If you are using aversion of MacVector earlier than 10.6, or if you prefer to export your files from Vector NTI first, then you can export (Save As) your sequence files from Vector NTI then open them in MacVector. By default, Vector NTI saves nucleic acid sequences in GenBank format and protein sequences in GenPept format when the File->Save As->Save As File option is used to save individual sequence files (an alternate approach is the File->Molecule Operations->Export option). Other text file format output options include EMBL (nucleic acid only), SWISS-PROT (protein only), and FASTA (nucleic acid or protein), all of which can be read by any version of MacVector. An easy way to export a Vector NTI database molecule to an external file is to select it in the Vector NTI explorer and drag it to the Windows desktop or to a Windows folder. By default, nucleic acid sequences are converted into GenBank text file format while protein sequences are converted into GenPept text file format.

It's also possible to export sequences from the Vector NTI Explorer by right-clicking on the desired molecule and selecting Export->Molecule into Text File, and then selecting the desired format. Alternatively, you can use the File->Export menu item.

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Another option is to export an entire Vector NTI database as individual GenBank format files. You can do this by opening the Vector NTI Explorer, selecting the type of molecules to export (i.e., DNA/RNA Molecules), then clicking Table->Export->Subset into Directory of Text Files.