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In this document, I will guide you how to install Mac OS 10.11 on VMWare. First of all, you must ensure that your computer have been install VMWare. VMWare version 12 is highly recommend. See Also: TODO Link! Installing Mac OS X Virtual Machine on VirtualBox; 2- Download Mac OS X 10.11. IN THE STEP WHERE U HAVE MENTIONED “edit virtual machine settings, go to Options tab. Change the version to Mac OS X 10.8 64-bit.” 2. FOR ME IT’S SHOWING “Mac OS X 10.7 64-bit” AND ALSO UNDER THE GUEST OPERATING SYSTEM NOWHERE IT’S SHOWING MAC OS AS U HAVE SHOWING HERE. ATTACHING THE SCEENSHOT ANY HELP APPRECIATED. VLC media player requires Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later. It runs on any 64bit Intel-based Mac. Previous devices are supported by older releases. Note that the first generation of Intel-based Macs equipped with Core Solo or Core Duo processors is no longer supported.

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Vklife For Mac Os
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Vklife for mac os 10.13
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Why use Kile or Texmaker when you can just use TeXShop, which Just Works?

Vklife For Mac Os Versions


Vklife For Mac Os 10.10

Because somebody might just want to?

Vklife For Mac Os High Sierra

Why don't you use Aquamacs, which is way more powerful and installs out of the box from its dmg?

Textmate (not free) does everything Kile seems to do (though it's BYO PDF or DVI viewer), plus you can drag and drop images into your .tex file and it will fill out all the figure code for you, letting you tab between options like htbp, scale, caption and label.
It also works out of the box with gwTeX and is also supposed to with MacTeX (though I haven't tried that distro)

This tutorial is not intended to be used on Mac OSX 10.5 yet due to an Apple-related bug in linking with OpenGL. The necessary package poppler does not compile and some extra configuration is needed.
There is a recommendation in fink wiki on how to overcome the issue but I could not make it work.
I am trying to overcome the issue and post back.
If anyone has an idea how this could be done it would be highly appreciated.

Did anyone install kile on Mountain Lion?.
I followed all steps (using fink- as the valid version for Lion) and then for fink install kdebase3 ... kile the problem is that I got the message: 'failed: no package found for specification 'kile'
Anyone could help me?
Thanks a lot