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Step 2: Launch iBoysoft NTFS for Mac and insert the WD NTFS drive in Mac. Step 3: Write to NTFS drive after the NTFS drive has been mounted successfully. You can't write to NTFS file system without an WD NTFS driver for Mac. What's more, an NTFS formatted WD external hard drive won't work on your PS4 console for gaming as well. So, if you need to share this storage devices with. Compatibility may vary depending on user’s hardware configuration and operating system. Drive formatted NTFS for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7. Requires reformatting for Mac OS v10.12 /OS X, v10.11 / v10.10. Product specifications, colors, features, and availability are subject to change without notice. Open up Disk Utility. Your Disk Utility program lives within a folder called Utilities. And the Utilities.

Wd Elements Mac Os

Wd Elements Ntfs For Mac Os
Hello All,
I recently upgraded to macOS High Sierra.
Under macOS Sierra I could mount & read my 2TB NTFS external Western Digital Ultra & Regular Passport drives. I've tested them on a Macbook Air running macOS Sierra, they also mount fine.
Since the upgrade to High Sierra the drives appear (in Paragon NTFS & Disk Utility only) but I'm unable to mount them. I've actually upgraded the firmware of the drives (using a PC and going to WD support pages) and they still don't mount.
I'm using a trial version of the Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 (which will last me another few days)
Has anyone had this issue? I'm thinking of taking the time to format my drives from a PC in exFAT format (or at least one of them, to ensure I can use on my work PC)...but that would defeat the purpose of what Paragon praises with the NTFS for Mac 15.
Thanks in advance,


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WD 4TB Elements Desktop USB 3.1 Gen 1 External Hard Drive. While NTFS works natively with Windows, it doesn’t work quite as well with other operating systems. By default, Macs can only read NTFS and not write to them. If you want to write to NTFS formatted hard drives in Mac OS X, you’re going to need the help of a third-party driver. Is your WD Elements formatted with a Microsoft NTFS file system? AIUI, Mac OSX is able to read, but not write to, NTFS volumes, at least not out of the box. Here is an open source NTFS driver for Mac OSX.

Wd Ntfs Driver For Mac

I have a Mac Mini (Intel). Tried the Ext HDD fresh out of the box, the write status is Read Only. I had MacFuse installed then and I have another NTFS Ext HD but I just cant write in the new HD.
So what I did is I tried reformatting to Fat32 using my Windows machine, didnt work, still Read Only. Downloaded a program for Windows to format a drive to Mac OS Extended, HD is still locked. Partitioned it to 3 parts of Fat32 and NTFS, mounts but cant be written. In all tries, the Erase/Partition tabs in Disk Utility is still grayed out.
I tried re-installing my OS, reformatting my internal drive. Ext HDD is still read only.
I also tried putting codes in terminal (i googled) to modify the permissions like sudo chmod 775 /Volumes/Drive but it did not work either.
Last try is to use KillDisk and fully erased my drive from windows for 11hrs... guess what.. it didnt work either. I am really exhausted right now.. here's the screenshot Notice all in Erase is grayed out. Same status as when I tried the other methods I mentioned.

Can anyone help me here?