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Live streaming is an excellent tool for the delivery of product and service offerings because it enables people or businesses to welcome more viewers to their live events –regardless of where that viewer may actually be physically located or what device the end-user or viewer utilizes to view the event. Using software like Wirecast to produce your live event adds a layer of professionalism and visual cues that viewers are accustomed to seeing on live television or at live music, sporting events, seminars, or conferences. Live streaming production software also frees up the event organizer’s time to focus on the event rather than on the mechanical aspect or actual delivery of the live content over the internet.

Advanced live production & streaming. Wirecast Pro is the top of the line Wirecast offering. Designed with the most dedicated streamers in mind, Pro has all the features of Studio plus expanded inputs and audio capabilities, 7 simultaneous Wirecast Rendezvous guests, 3D virtual sets, PTZ camera control and much more. Tell your story now with the award-winning, easy-to-use production software. Wirecast Studio & Pro 12 for Mac Online Help; Wirecast Studio & Pro 12 for Windows Online Help; Wirecast Studio & Pro 12 for Mac User Guide. Free download Wirecast for YouTube Wirecast for YouTube for Mac OS X. Wirecast for YouTube allows you to create and stream a presentation.

What is Wirecast?

Wirecast For Youtube Free

Wirecast is a cross-platform live streaming production computer software program that enables users to capture, live produce, and encode live streams for broadcast to multiple platforms at the same time. Currently in its six and above (including updates) version, the Wirecast computer software program helps live content producers or broadcasters beam their live event to viewers through the internet.

  1. Download Download and install Wirecast 14, select Preferences from the 'File' (Windows) or 'Wirecast' (Mac) Menu and switch to the Licenses tab. Click Upgrade to access the Telestream store and select the product you want to upgrade to. Note: In order to obtain the upgrade pricing from Wirecast versions 4, 5, 6 or 7, your license key must be activated in the Wirecast Preferences Licenses.
  2. I purchased a new Apple Mac-Mini solely for the purpose of running Wirecast 7 to send video to Facebook Live, record video and send video to JoiCaster, to stream onto my website and YouTube. When attempting to do a live stream today to Facebook, YouTube and my website, while recording, I found the CPU usage was showing 99% in Wirecast.

The Wirecast software offers solutions specifically designed to address the following types of events or gatherings:

Wirecast for Houses of Worship:
Many churches broadcast their services live and offer special seats to out of town attendees to wedding, baptisms, and funerals.

Wirecast for Live Events:
Live events can quickly and easily be captured to create professional productions for immediate distribution to viewers or channel subscribers.

Wirecast for Live Sporting Events and News:
Live news events and live sporting events can also be covered on the fly as event or the game unfolds. This provides web audiences with a front row seat to all the action.

Wirecast for Education:
Lectures, a Wirecast tutorial, lessons, extra-help sessions, and workshops can be streamed live in educational or continuing education settings. The Wirecast software can also be placed in the hands of students to create group projects or run the school broadcast station. All school events, meetings, assemblies, and sporting events can all be covered and presented on the school’s website or web channel.

Gameshow for Gamestreaming:
For the serious gamer interested in online multiplayer games, Wirecast provide high quality online video game streams direct from the gamer’s own desktop computer.

How does Telestream Wirecast capture live multimedia content?

A live content producer or broadcaster captures the source multimedia. The source multimedia can be pictures, video, screenshots, and audio captured by live camera feeds, webcams, digital cameras, desktop computers, or smartphone cameras. An encoder then takes the multimedia content and digitizes it. Digitalization of multimedia converts the pictures, videos, screenshots, and audio into a format that can be distributed over the internet with the goal of displaying the live event to an end-user or viewer.

A companion to the Wirecast 6 software package is the Wirecast Cam app. The Wirecast Cam app is another piece of software that enables users to capture and stream live audio and video from their iOS device camera to Wirecast 6 over WiFi. This app can be used to capture the live event and feed the live multimedia to the Wirecast 6 software.

How does Wirecast 6 package live multimedia content?

Once the multimedia is digitized, it is packaged for presentation. Features like titles, captions, live switching, transitions and other features are added to the live content providing perspective or narration to the event being witnessed by the viewer. Wirecast provides the live content producer or broadcaster with tools to package the live content and prepare it for delivery to a web audience in real time.

How does Wirecast 6 deliver live multimedia content to the viewer?

After the live content is captured, digitized, and packaged for presentation it is ready to be delivered to the end-user or viewer. The viewer may have a smart TV, desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, or smartphone. The ultimate delivery device more often than not is unknown to the live content producer or broadcaster.

Wirecast For Youtube Для Mac

What the live content producer or broadcaster does know is the content delivery network he or she will use to distribute the live digitized and packaged content in real time. YouTube is one such content delivery network. Wirecast 6 permits the live content producer or broadcaster to broadcast the live multimedia content across multiple platforms simultaneously and in real time – focusing less on what the ultimate viewing device will be and more on the overall production value of the produced live event.

How to live stream on YouTube with Wirecast?

In order to distribute live content over the internet or live stream, you will need a content delivery network, like YouTube to actually reach your viewer. YouTube offers its users an ability to live stream or schedule a live stream event. Prior to activating this feature however, the YouTube user must enable live streaming.
Four Point Checklist for Enabling Live Streaming on YouTube For New Live Streamers

This checklist covers all the things that must be done when enabling live streaming on your YouTube channel.

1. Verification. Make sure your YouTube channel is verified. To verify your YouTube channel, you will be asked to provide your telephone number. A verification code will be sent to you via text message. Once you receive confirmation that your YouTube account is verified, you move on to the next item on the checklist.

2. Account must be in good standing. Confirm that your YouTube channel is in good standing. A YouTube account is in good standing if there are no community guidelines strikes, no copyright strikes, and no more than one video blocked worldwide by Content ID. YouTube enables you to check your account standing. If your account is not in good standing, you will not be able to live stream.

Wirecast For Youtube

3. Activate live streaming. Once you have confirmed that your account is verified and in good standing, you are ready to select the live streaming option. Simply turn on the LIVE STREAMING option in the CREATOR STUDIO TOOLS – and you can now live stream or broadcast live on your YouTube channel.

4. Decide when to begin your live stream. Once live stream is enabled on your YouTube channel, you are then able to actually start your live stream. The fourth and final step is select when you will live stream. You can live stream immediately, by selecting START STREAMING NOW, or plan a live stream for a future date and time by selecting SCHEDULE A LIVE EVENT.

The value of a YouTube is that this service handles the physical delivery of your live event permitting the broadcaster or live content producer to focus on capturing and presenting, while Wirecast digitizes, packages and prepares the content for delivery.

Is A Free Trial of Wirecast 6.0 available?

Wirecast Play is the free trial version of Wirecast 6.0. Wirecast Play permits the user to try out the software with limited capabilities. Trial users are provided with limited streaming with one live source and basic production capabilities. To start a Wirecast download, you will be asked to complete and submit an online form. Once telestream, the Wirecast 6.0, Cam, and Wirecast Play developer, receives your request for a free trial copy, a link to the Wirecast download and downloading instructions will be emailed to you to start the download. When ready, you can upgrade your service to the Studio or Pro versions for access to even more features.

How live streaming is used to promote your business or event: A case study

An example of how live streaming can be used to promote a business or event is the panda cams at the National Zoo. Bao Bao is a giant panda that lives in the National Zoo in Washington, DC. She was born in 2013 and is one of several hundred giant pandas living in captivity. Many giant pandas born in captivity die. Giant pandas are also an endangered species. When she turns 4, Bao Bao is scheduled to be returned to China to participate in additional conservation measures in an effort to save the giant pandas from extinction.

Bao Bao is accessible 24/7 on the panda cam which is a live stream of the activities in the panda habitat of the zoo. Bao Bao is a superstar. She shares the space with her father, mother, and baby brother. She regularly attracts viewers from all over the world who are interested in her well-being and are unable to visit her in person at the National Zoo. Her milestones are captured on the panda cam and are streamed live to her subscribers on various content delivery networks. The viewed videos are then stored and can be accessed at later times or shared with others, increasing Bao Bao’s exposure even more.

The National Zoo is part of the Smithsonian museums. The panda cams specifically support the Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute’s research on saving giant. The panda cams help the National Zoo raise awareness and collect donations in support of their giant panda conservation efforts. Both visitors to the National Zoo and the panda cam viewers are able to view the pandas and support the National Zoo’s conservation efforts.

What is live streaming?

When live content is delivered over the internet it is called live streaming. Live streaming does not occur magically. Before a viewer can watch a live stream, lots of work happens in the background to produce the live stream. The event organizer captures the live event with video cameras and delivers the live event to the viewer – wherever he or she may be. Among the tasks to complete are the capturing of the multimedia, the packaging of the multimedia, and delivering of the multimedia to the end-user or viewer.

I’m new to live streaming, how can I get help if stuck?

Telestream, the developer of Wirecast and its associated software products provides support to users of its software. Simply contact support by selecting the following link:

http://www.telestream.net/telestream-support/wire-cast/support.htm. At Support you can access a treasure trove of information including:

  • How to Install and Activate software
  • Access to Frequently Asked Questions and Community Forums to connect with other users and ask questions
  • Access the online library of the Wirecast tutorial and other video tutorials
  • Direct access to customer service

Wirecast For Youtube Download

Wirecast is an excellent choice for handling the video production of your live events

Wirecast software and related products handle the mechanics of capturing, packaging, and distributing a live event over the internet seamlessly. Particularly with the use of the Wirecast cam, the capturing of the live content is simple and can be quickly transferred to the Wirecast software via WiFi. Lastly, the live content is delivered to the content delivery network, like YouTube, for immediate and simultaneous distribution to the live event’s web audience.

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