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Aug 13, 2018 Before we start talking about the writing apps for Mac, let me make it clear, no writing app can improve your writing magically, that can only be achieved with a lot of practice. Having said that, using a good writing app will assist you in writing, so that you can get the words out of your mind and onto the proverbial paper. Feb 09, 2019 Writing is art. As a blogger, I know the importance of writing in a distraction-free mode. What makes an app suitable for writing? Every app is intended to make you feel comfortable while writing. Also, personally I feel Mac is suitable for writing, the keyboard is very convenient to type and the backlight feature is best for night typing.

  • It includes free writing apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. You can find creative writing apps, grammar checking apps, word processors, mind maps, index cards, book writing programs, and productivity tools. All of them will help you get on with what you do best, which is writing, of course.
  • Ulysses is a Mac-focused writing tool available in the Mac OS and iOS app store. It also automatically syncs files to Apple’s iCloud, so it’s heavily embedded in this entire ecosystem. If you’re in the Mac-obsessed writers crowd, this app is ideal. Ulysses App Pros #1. Ulysses has a single Library that houses all of your documents.
  • IA Writer is my favourite distraction-free writing app for short blog posts and articles. While Scrivener is great for managing large writing projects, this writing app is perfect for smaller ones. This writing app for iPad, iPhone and Mac helps writers overcome distractions through a feature called the Focus Mode.

There are many people who are just fond of writing and for their writing, they just need the right tool. The combination of a perfect writing tool and the writer can deliver some of the best and unique forms of writing. There is an enormous amount of writing tools present which can help you to reach your destination. Today we will be discussing on some special writing apps for MAC devices. These apps are leading in the MAC world and many of the users are using this.

The writing apps for Mac which we will be discussing today comes loaded with different types features and people using those apps gave very positive reviews. So without doing any further delay let’s start the discussion.

Document writing app for mac

Remember this app won’t elevate your writing skills it can just modify your writings.

Here are Best Writing Apps for Mac

Listed below are some of the best writing apps for Mac which you should check out in order to get the best of the writing experience.

1) Ulysses

Ulysses is a multitasking writing app for Mac where you can write different types and patterns of writing like if you want to write short things you can do that or if you want to go for big things even you can do that too. As soon as you open this app you will be greeted with a beautiful interface which is very advanced looking.

The design of the interface is so nice that you can easily get into the system instantly. The app is divided very smartly into three division. The middle pane, the left pane, and the right pane.

The left pane of the app consists of the library place where you will get different types of things like your menu, folders, trashes etc. Here you will also get the option to store your writings on the cloud storage. Coming to the middle pane which is also known as sheet where you will find all your individual documents.

The right pane is the most important part it is the text editor place where you do all your main works. This app supports different types of formats which can help you to get the best of the writing facilities. This app is not available for free it will cost you around $44.99 which looks quite a decent with a feature loaded like this.

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2) Scrivener

Talking about Scrivener this app is very close to Ulysses and comes loaded with different types of features. But if we take a deeper look at this app then only we can explore the lacking of this app. The first thing which should be developed is the user interface. The user interface looks quite complicated and many needs time to get familiar with this app.

Many people find this app not much comfortable. Now let us find out some of the best and important features of Scrivener. The most attractive thing about this app is that they come with the best of the organization facility which really helps you to maintain your works.

Even finding your document gets very easy as they come loaded with the dedicated search bar which helps you to find your documents instantly.

Just like the previous app this app too can support different types of formats which help you to elevate your work. Even sharing your works gets easy with this app. At Scrivener, you can even add different types of layouts like underline, border, margin, Bold etc.

All these things elevate your work experience. To use this app you have to pay $44.99 which is just the cost of the previous one but with all the features loaded here this price worth it.

3) I A Writer

This is a very simple looking writing app which gets a bunch of features on it. The user interface of this app is very simple not like the other apps mentioned above. It is a bright and attractive looking app which gets easily connected with the users.

The main focus of this app is given mainly in writing so as such no fancy coloring is given on the app. coming to its user ability.

The app is very comfortable to handle and many writers recommend this app for writing. Here you can put different types of formats as the system supports all. Even saving any file gets easy with the help of this app.

If you want to get in the navigation portion of this app just slide right and you will be into the navigation portion. The searching portion is advanced as the system gets its own searching space which can help you to get access to your files and documents easily.

The most attractive part about this app is that, while you are writing anything the line which you will be writing get the highlight and the rest of the line above will be in a gray color which helps you to concentrate on your work more.

The price of this app is far less as compared to that of the previous ones. It is priced around $9.99 which is quite an affordable and reasonable.

4) Bear

This is the last and the most effective app for writing. With the help of this app you can write both small and long notes and it as effective as the previously mentioned apps. There are many people across the globe who are using this app at an extensive rate.

The user interface of this app is even very attractive looking and works well as compared to that of the other apps. The most important features of this app are it is very simple and support almost all kinds of formats. The main reason why this app is on our list is it is free to use. But the pro version of this app will cost you $14.99 per year.

Conclusion on Best Writing Apps for Mac

So, these were some of the important writing apps for the Mac. Many people across the globe are using those apps and came with some of the best of the writers. The apps mentioned above are best in class and comes loaded with different types of features. Some of the apps might cost you but with features loaded the price worth it. So, what you are waiting for use one of those apps and give your writing a new flow.

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There are many reasons why most writers prefer a Mac over a PC. The prominent one is this: compared with any platform, Mac app store has more writing apps. These apps offer a non-distinctive writing environment, writing-oriented features and support — which you can’t find in Pages or Google Drive.

Many writers will tell you that the text editor are not important, and you should just write. Although, this could be true for some people, I don’t believe in it. Text editors really help to get best out of you. For example, with Scrivener you can keep a track of character development, while Vellum is the best choice for exporting eBooks. You can’t find these advance options in basic text editors like Word or Google drive.

The past week, we have been trying out the best writing apps for Mac, from every possible category. Below, we have the ultimate showdown of these apps, based on what they offer and what they don’t. After reading this article, you will have an idea which writing app you should use on your Mac. We have tried almost every sort of writing app, so that you will have the best choices for casual writing and a better one for fiction.

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Best Writing App for Mac

#1 Ulysses

Ulysses is not an alternative to Word or Pages, however, if you need a simple writing app with support for markdown and seamless editing, you can count on Ulysses.

  • Design & USP

As far as the design is concerned, Ulysses is quite minimal. There aren’t any toolbars or button-rich sidebars. That having said, you can access basic formatting options from the writing interface. Probably the best thing about Ulysses is project management and content organization. From its Attachment tab, you can add labels, insert images and even set up a Writing Goal.

  • Workflow & Exporting

The overall workflow of Ulysses for Mac is impressive enough. All the features are arranged in a distraction-less manner. In addition to that, the full-screen mode brings absolute freedom for writing. Ulysses also does a great job when it comes to Publishing section. You can always export to formats like PDF, DOCX, HTML and Text. In addition to that, you can connect your WordPress and Medium accounts for direct publishing.

  • Backups & Security

The program also takes care of timely backups for your writings. There are options for hourly, daily & weekly backup options you can explore. In addition, there is iTunes sync to make sure that you don’t lose writings due to sudden shut-downs or crashes. However, it’s worth noting that Ulysses is pretty stable and you won’t have to worry about crashes.

  • Availability & Pricing

Ulysses is available for macOS and iOS, with cross-device sync. You can access anything you write on a Mac from your iPhone or iPad. While there is no free version, all versions offer 14-day Free Trial. In the iOS version of Ulysses, you miss some features like Minimal Mode. Ulysses has a subscription model, priced at $4.99 per month. You can pay annually to save some money too. It’s also available via Setapp.

#2 iA Writer

iA Writer is a wonderful choice when you are looking for an ultra-minimal writing app for Mac. Compared to Ulysses or any other app in the list, iA Writer has kept the minimum number of advanced features. On the other hand, it focuses on writer-centric options like syntax highlighting and easy formatting.

  • Design & USP

If minimalism is a throne, iA Writer will be its king. Everything has been kept so minimal, and users can have the sidebar removed. Of course, there is a full-screen mode, which provides better focus. You can also shift to a Night Mode, where everything becomes dark. The best thing about iA Writer is that you can stay focused all the time, highlighting only the things you want.

  • Workflow & Exporting

It feels really easy to blend into the workspace offered by iA Writer. All your writings can be accessed from the sidebar, and the writing interface is big-enough. Although not comparable with Ulysses, iA Writer offers standard customization options too. Coming to publishing and exporting, Ulysses and iA Writer are on the same boat. You can directly publish to Medium or WordPress, or export files to PDF, DOC, TXT etc.

  • Backups & Security

All the writings are automatically saved to and synced with iCloud. Still, iA Writer allows you choose other library locations as well. However, unlike Ulysses, iA Writer does not offer customizable backup options. It’s just that all your writings will be synced with iTunes on a regular basis. It is actually great since iA Writer has apps available for Android and iOS.

  • Availability & Pricing

iA Writer is available for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, offering almost the same features everywhere. Of course, you won’t have iTunes sync in Windows and Android devices. But, you can access all your writings via your iPhone or iPad. iA Writer Pro for Mac costs $19.99 while the iOS version has a price-tag of $4.99. It, however, offers a free trial for all the platforms.

#3 Manuscripts

Unlike Ulysses and iA Writer, Manuscripts is a writing app with a specific purpose — scholarly writing. It lets you simplify a Herculean task of following the formatting style, keeping track of references and lots of other things. Of course, you can use Manuscripts for writing blog posts and normal fiction content, but it has the best performance when it comes to a Dissertation or Research Paper.

  • Design & USP

Manuscripts has a fully-fledged interface, which is a requirement when it comes to scholarly writing. You will have access to the basic toolbars on top, and the sidebar helps for easy navigation. The USP here is simple: Manuscripts has been designed exclusively for academic writing and the job is done neatly. You can choose from popular templates and set up preferences even before you start writing.

  • Workflow & Exporting

If you are an academic scholar, you will really love the workflow offered by Manuscripts. Things are simple, but organized from the very start. For instance, before writing, you can choose the Citation style, word count limits etc. Manuscripts lets you export the academic writings into formats like PDF, Word, Text, HTML and more.

  • Backup & Security

This is where Manuscripts disappoints most users. In both of the tools we mentioned above, there was support for iCloud Sync or third-party backup. However, Manuscripts does not offer any kind of backup options. In case of sudden crashes, your data will be lost, which is a problem. Since the app isn’t available for any other platform, there is no room multi-device access either.

  • Availability & Pricing

Manuscripts is available for macOS only and it’s a completely free to use. If you ask us, Manuscripts has been designed for research enthusiasts and academic writers. There is a powerful community of writers behind this tool, which is great. The developers also say that Manuscripts will be made open-source in 2018. At the end of the day, no matter how much you use, you’ve to pay nothing.


#4 Scrivener

Scrivener is the perfect tool if you are looking for professional writing solutions. It has been made to write both fiction and non-fiction. But, most people use Scrivener for writing novels, screenplays and scripts. You can simply choose the template and start writing with this app. This tool does not rely on minimalism or the focused writing. Rather, its focus is on productivity.

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  • Design & USP

Scrivener was not designed with simplicity in mind. On the other hand, it has a design suitable to help you create a novel, from scratch to publishing. Depending on the type of writing, you can have more templates and control over content. The best part about Scrivener is that it has tools for keeping track of characters and scenes without having to go back and read.

  • Workflow & Exporting

In terms of workflow, we’d say Scrivener is more like Manuscript. You can start a document by choosing one template and make changes to that in the long run. When it comes to exporting, Scrivener has a lot of options — apart from common formats like Word and PDF. You can also export your novel into a Kindle eBook or an ePub-based eBook.

  • Backup & Security

Scrivener has dedicated options for backup, synchronization and overall security of your writings. You can set up sync between an external storage drive or your mobile device. It will be using Dropbox for sync, which is great. It also has Auto-Save feature so that crashes won’t be a problem. Altogether, the security aspect of Scrivener is impressive enough.

  • Availability & Pricing

This is the big deal: Scrivener is available for macOS, Windows and iOS. You can have your writings available on all these devices. As far as the pricing is concerned, Scrivener costs $45 for the Standard macOS license. You have to purchase separate licenses for Windows and iOS. However, on Windows and Mac, you can try the software for 30 days before finalizing. The cool thing is that it’s 30 days of actual use, meaning, if you use it only two days a week, it lasts fifteen weeks.

#5 Notebooks

Notebooks does exactly what you would expect from its name. You can use this writing tool to create many notebooks and store all your notes inside. It’s a great way to organize notes and journals. Compared to Ulysses, Scrivener or any other tools we’ve covered, Notebooks does not have a minimal UI. There are a lot of features to check out, in organization department, though.

  • Design & USP

Novel Writing Software Mac

Although not minimal, Notebooks has a non-distractive design. There is a sidebar on the left, where you can manage notebooks and other files. While starting up, you can choose a central Library folder. The USP here is that you have better organization of your documents, be it PDFs, Excel files or something else. This is truly a great feature when you are preparing some serious notes.

  • Workflow & Exporting

The writing interface of Notebooks resembles a notebook, with proper ruling. Once written, you can turn to the Formatted View mode to see how the document looks like. The lack of customization is a problem here, though. By default, Notebooks writings are saved as plain text, but you can export to many formats like PDF. Unlike Ulysses or iA Writer, Notebooks does not offer publishing integration.

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  • Backup & Security

Like all other tools above, Notebooks too has auto-save feature, but the program does not backup anything. It’s really a problem, since you have to rely on local storage only. It’s quite disappointing that the developers have not included iCloud sync, especially when its iOS version has it. As far as syncing goes, you have to use Notebooks Server, which is a custom WebDAV server for syncing between Mac and iOS.

  • Availability & Pricing

Notebooks is available for macOS, iOS and Windows. As mentioned earlier, iOS and macOS can sync writings using the Notebooks server, while Windows users have to rely on Dropbox. Notebooks for Mac comes with a fixed price-tag of $19, and they have some deals if you purchase both Windows and Mac. On all versions, there is a 30-day trial.

#6 ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid says it can be your writing coach and mentor. We think that’s possible only when you have to stay strict to grammar, syntax, diction and style. At the same time, it doesn’t become an alternative to Word or Pages either. But, when you need a kind of simple writing app with grammar-check support, you can count it in.

  • Design & USP

Do you remember the design of the old versions of Microsoft Word? Well, ProWritingAid pretty much does the same. There is a toolbar with all the options, and you can click on one to see the details on the sidebar. Coming to the USP, it’s the fully-fledged options for editing, proofreading and grammar-check. ProWritingAid can also check aspects like diction, style, readability and more.

  • Workflow & Exporting

ProWritingAid offers the standard workflow compared to other options. Apart from the toolbar on the top, there isn’t anything to distract you. However, features like Focus Mode would have been awesome, since the app doesn’t offer real-time editing. It gets even worse in the exporting department. You can save your writings only as TXT files, not even PDF.

  • Backup & Security

Once again, ProWritingAid keeps its mediocrity. Of course, you can take manual backups all your works in the local storage. There aren’t any other options, not even multi-device sync. At this point, ProWritingAid is one of the worst editing tools you can get. Of course, there is an Auto-save option, but the minimum interval time is 1 minute.

  • Availability & Pricing

ProWritingAid is primarily web-based and the single subscription gives you access to Mac, Windows apps as well as popular writing tools like Word and Google Docs. The subscription costs $50 a year, and the lifetime plan priced at $175. There is also a Premium Plus plan where you get Plagiarism check. However, for this, it charges something extra, based on the checks you need.

#7 Vellum

Vellum is a wonderful Mac writing app for writing books — full-length books with multiple chapters. It does not matter whether you are publishing print or digital, you can count in Vellum. Don’t even think about using the program for blog writing or research paper writing, though. What matters is that it packs superb stability along with minimal design.

  • Design & USP

Despite the wonderful features under the hood, Vellum has kept everything minimal. Customization is not a strong area of the tool, but you can manage. If you don’t need the Preview and Navigator while writing, you can have a rather simple writing interface too. The best thing about Vellum is that it packs everything you’d need from the start to the end of the book you’re writing.

  • Workflow and Exporting

Script Writing App For Mac

This might sound a bit weird: even if you don’t like to write a book, Vellum will make that awesome. Its easy workflow is so cool that you can start writing in the first step. You can also choose from different templates for Chapter Title, First Paragraph, Captions etc. Coming to exporting section, Vellum lets you save the file to Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and Android. You can also export it to print.

  • Backup & Security

Vellum does not offer any feature in this department. The bigger problem here is that it does not even have auto-save functionality. To be frank, this is the only area where Vellum disappoints users. If anything happens to your Mac, your unsaved data will be lost. We really wish Vellum does something here.

  • Availability & Pricing

As of now, Vellum is available for macOS only. Concerning the price, things are a bit detailed. While Vellum is completely free to download and use, you need the premium license to generate books, in any format. In that case, you have two options. There is a plan for $249.99 that lets you create unlimited eBooks as well as paperbacks. Its $199.99 plan lets you create unlimited eBooks only.

Wrapping Up: Best Writing App for Mac

Now that you have seen the ultimate showdown of writing apps for Mac, it’s time to decide. It’s quite hard to find the so-called best one from this list. But, we can recommend some quick options.

Free Writing App For Mac

  • Go for Ulysses if you need a simple tool with publishing integration
  • Scrivener is your choice when you need more control over professional writing
  • Manuscripts works best for research writing; so does Notebooks for journals
  • Vellum is the best choice for writing and exporting eBooks

Best Writing App For Mac

Writing App For Mac

Free Letter Writing App For Mac

And, if you can compromise better control and features for grammar check, ProWritingAid is good too. This is what we think, and we are eager to know your opinion about these tools.