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It is easy to install X32-Q for PC by using the apk file if you can not get the undefined on the google playstore by simply clicking on the apk file BlueStacks software will install the undefined. If plan to go with Andy OS to free download X32-Q for Mac, you can still follow the same procedure at any time. BEHRINGER X32-EDIT for PC, Mac, Linux, and RPi2 Version 3.0 - (04 July 2016) The BEHRINGER X32-EDIT 3.0 is the latest editing software update created specifi cally for Behringer’s X32 series of digital mixing consoles. This update provides powerful remote control for.

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Novo update X32 edit V2.5 para Windows, Mac, Linux e Raspberry Pi http://downloads.music-group.com/software/behringer/X32/X32-EDITPCV2.5.zip.


How do I setup my X32 with a Wireless Router for Remote Control?
First, identify the ports on your Router. There should be an Internet input port, and multiple LAN ports. The LAN ports are where you want to connect your X32 and your Computer if connecting via Ethernet. Connect from the Remote Ethernet output of your X32 into one of the LAN ports on your router.
Now, connect your computer/mobile device to the same router either via Ethernet or Wireless.
Note: It's best if you do NOT have Internet or other protocols being used on the same router to avoid interference/confusion.
For setting up using a Mac or PC and X32 Edit
1. On the X32 in the SETUP>NETWORK page, activate DHCP
2. Open up the X32 Edit app with the Mac/PC connected to the router WiFi
3. Open the SETUP>CONNECTION menu
4. You should see your X32 listed under the 'Select mixer from list' heading
5. Click on your X32 in the list
6. Press the Connect button on the right side of the window.
For setting up using an iPad and X32 Mix
1. On the X32 in the SETUP>NETWORK page, activate DHCP
2. Note the IP address that is generated
3. Open up the iPad app with the iPad connected to the router WiFi
4. A connection pop up screen should appear with 2 columns, X32 Console and This Ipad
5. Under X32 console, click into the IP Address field and edit it to read exactly what the IP address field on the actual X32 reads
6. You should see that the IP Address for the x32 Console and 'This iPad' are almost identical except for the last number. For example and This indicates they are on the same part of the network and able to 'see' each other.
Note: If the IP addresses are very different from one another, turn off the DHCP function on the X32 and manually enter an IP address that falls inline with the rule above.
Now hit connect.

X32 Edit For Mac

X32 Software For Mac

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